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    The Shipwreck

    The days that came later were filled with awe, days that turned into months. I would sneak out with no problem and meet her at the temple, every morning. While my father, Henry and the others tried to find more about the island, I got acquaintance with my own island: Bette. She surely was full of surprises; in the first days we talked in our special way, I could tell she was really smart as it took only two times to say something in English that she already memorized it. Sometimes I needed the help of the dictionary, but things were improving nonetheless. After a couple of months her English was kind of fluent.

    You are wondering how come none of my travel friends found out about my escapes, truth is they were really a bunch of idiots. Telling them that I was going to take a nap was enough; I just needed to leave the camp through the back of my tent. They had no clue, not even my father. By the time that everyone was back, they would find me in my tent, reading or drawing.

    “How is the search going?” I asked my father, one morning.

    “Very good, my dear” he replied. “The crew also managed to fix the ship, once we are finished with all this, we can go back and tell everyone what we discovered”

    “Great!” going back. Did I really want to go back? Bette was there and she was the only one that made me feel myself. She understood me, we didn’t need perfect English to talk to each other, her eyes could tell me anything and I would understand her with no trouble.

    I got an example of how not seeing her anymore could have been that morning. I went to our special place but she was nowhere to be seen. It was happening again. When I was little and had the fortune to know a friend that could really comprehend me they suddenly disappear. Leaving me in the despair of solitude. I couldn’t really understand why, I spent the day asking my mother what was wrong with me and she could always try to make me feel better, telling me how beautiful and good I was, and she had this power, this gentle way of making me believe anything she told me and in a matter of time I forgot all the bad things.

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter,

      You are spoiling us with those chapters in short time! Keep them coming.

      Tina lost, no please turn straight back to Bette!!!

      So they are already a few months on the island and Tina was able to hold Bette a secret all those months. But she will leave soon now the ship is repaired and leave Bette behind 😟 What will happen?

      I still wonder about Bette and how she seems to be the only one living on the island? How did she get the furniture,? Is it washed up on the beach?

      I hope you will explain soon what Bette’s story is!

      So many questions to answer my dear Bette0Porter! Maybe a new chapter tomorrow?

      Thank you so much for the regularly post!

    2. Hey Bette0Porter:

      Great chapter, so, Bette has the commodities of the civilized world; and she knows how to use them, I see several possibilities, but I rather wait till you tell us what happened with her.

      I think it’s unanimous, we all want Tina passes the night in Bette’s cave, I think even Bette wants that.

      But, my concern is the bunch of losers, they will come looking for her and may discover Bette.

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter, and pps.


    3. I think Bette not telling the truth – what she’s doing on the tree? And she can’t just lie unconscious for two days until Tina found her. So what she’s doing?

      Thank you and waiting for update!

      P.S I also think that Tina could spend the night with Bette.

    4. Tina is obviously not thinking or very young and immature. She finds Bette unconscienous from a fall from a tree. She has been on the ground for two days? I think the story said a week? She appears to be able to walk, but if she has been out for any period of time, she needs water immediately. A splash on the face to revitize her is insufficent, after all they are in a tropical climate exposed to the changing temperatures of the day and night, lying on the ground for many hours.. She proabobly needs water and food. Tina should at least stay with her until she is certain that there are no residual serious injuries – head trama or internal injuries. Since Bette is living alone, Tina is the only candidate to provide her care until she is certain Bette can provide for herself. Is there water and food in the cave? How does Bette provide herself with food? Tina realizing that night has come, is far more anixious to keep her secret friendship and adventures, than Bette’s well being. Yes, she has treated the superfiscal flesh wounds but she has given no consideration to whether Bette is in a position to take care of her own needs once she leaves the cave. If Tina’s motivation is to keep Bette safe, then she has missed the potential problems that Bette’s situation may have. I was surprised that Tina considered leaving the cave at all until she was satisfied that Bette has what she needs to recover from this fall.

      This is an excellent story and I am enjoying it immensely. I see many possiblities for the continuation of this story but I will let the author determine that path. Keep up the good work…hope to see another chapter soon.

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