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    The Shipwreck

    We climbed the flight of stairs that linked the undergrounds to the outside. Henry found it out of pure luck, I guess. I imagined him running like a scared peacock with no feathers, and I had to stop the grin that was forming on my mouth. He might have been a soldier, feeling big and everything in his warlike outfit, but he got nothing of the great man he tried to show off. Of course, he came back rescuing me, how was he going to explain to my father that he freaked out and left his dear daughter behind?

    As we approached the exit, there was only one obstacle left, I was in front. I tried to push myself over a giant rock, but I couldn’t. Henry saw it as an opportunity to place his filthy hands on my butt and pushed me to help. “Keep your hands off me!”

    “Just helping out!”

    I rolled my eyes. Finally, there I was, breathing in the fresh air. He was right behind me, keeping the physical contact. I pushed his hands away from my lower back, giving him dirty looks.

    “Here you are!” my father came running toward the two of us. “What happened?”

    “We fell down” Henry responded. Yes, thank you very much, they saw it.

    I went on giving a more complete response. “I think I stepped on a button and triggered a trap. There is a tunnel beneath us, and I guess there is more. Who knows what’s hidden down there” I noticed there were a bunch of interchanges, and wandered what kind of treasures, natural or not, could be found.

    “We’ll care about that in the next days, darling” my father said, while caressing my hair. “You must feel affected by all this”

    “No. It’s ok, father”

    “I think that for today this is enough. Let’s go back to our camp and call it a day, shall we?”

    The group, including me, made its way back. In the meanwhile, I kept my little secret preserved in my pocket: the little rock that the woman showed me just a little before.


    As we arrived to our tents, I rushed into mine. I needed to find out what that word meant. It was already dark outside. Light in Cambodia faded quickly, the sun had already set at 6 p.m. I turned on the lamp and started my researches. “Sun…” I was saying to myself to remind me of the word. “Sunt… Sant” I frantically turned the pages of the book, “Santiphap!”

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter,

      I don’t care how short the chapters are as long you try to post regularly!!!

      Love the story already!!!

      Tina trying to protect Bette and visa versa! If the others found out about Bette it will not be good. Let Tina try to learn more about Bette. Maybe she can talk with her father in private.

      I wonder how Bette got to this unknown island? She is not from this area. And are there more people on this island?

      Ok, more than enough questions that i am sure you will answer in time!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Hi Bette0Porter;

      Amazing chapter. As Tina said, it looks like Bette is not from around here, and as you showed in the last part, she has forgotten many things, maybe she is from somewhere else.

      It’s for the best that Tina keeps Bette existence in secret because those jerks may frighten her, and Bette could react badly.

      Maybe someone else is on the island; it’s hard to believe that Bette had survived alone there.

      I woke up at 2:00 am in the morning, because of the notification of your story, I started reading, but as I had to go to work early, I fell asleep and start dreaming (lol) of a bunch of people attacking the losers (Henry, Eric, Josh, and Aaron) while Bette was protecting Tina and her father, OMG 🤣.

      Anyway, very nice story, I hope to read more of your posts soon.



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