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    Game Night

    Bette debated whether to put the food out on the dining room table or the coffee table. The dining room table seemed too formal and the coffee table seemed too intimate. She knew she was overthinking the simplicity of where to place the food. Just as she was about to gather everything up again, Bette’s spine tingled. 

    She smiled because she felt the energy shift as soon as Tina entered the room. She was glad her back was facing the blonde because it gave her time to compose herself. Bette licked her lips. It was really nice having Tina back in their home. Bette missed their life and she was finally ready to start the process of getting it back. Getting her back…fully.

    “This looks amazing. Thank you for bringing dinner.”

    Bette heard Tina say behind her.

    Baby, Bette added in her mind. Thank you for bringing dinner, Baby. Bette missed the way the word baby sounded floating out of Tina’s mouth into her soul. Bette closed her eyes and allowed herself a moment to take note of her feelings. 

    Tina’s voice penetrated Bette’s soul. Bette smiled…again because Tina was standing close. She liked it when Tina was close. More than Bette’s spine was tingling. She slowly turned around. Her eyes got big because Tina was standing a breath away wearing a sundress and no bra. Bette’s eyes lingered on Tina’s braless chest.  

    “Hi,” Bette cleared her throat.

    They had already said their “Hi’s” when Bette found Tina watering the garden. Tina couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t try to hide it. Bette’s eyes flickered.

    “Hi,” Tina whispered.

    Bette licked her lips and looked down. Tina could tell Bette was nervous. She was adorably sexy when she was nervous. Tina really wanted to kiss her. 


    This was a lot for both of them and Tina didn’t want to do anything to fuck it all up. To be honest, she was nervous too. 

    This was a big step especially after six long months of being estranged. Six months of living in different countries. Six months of turmoil. Six months of uncertainty. Six months of hurt and sadness and pain and anger. 

    Tina felt tears sting the corner of her eyes. She wiped them away discreetly. 

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    1. I love this story as well!

      Leave it to Alice to ruin their first day together at their house but maybe it’s just what they needed, a fun evening.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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