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    The Tibette Collection – THE MAGIC OF THE SEASON

    Tina pressed her lips together, willing herself not to cry and then folded back the tissue paper to reveal a spectacular pair of silver and diamond earrings.

    “Oh my god B.” Tina gasped as she took in the stunning jewelry. “Babe, they’re beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Would you . . .?”

    Bette nodded, knowing what Tina was asking. She picked up the new earrings to place in Tina’s ear lobes as the blonde removed the earrings she had worn throughout the day. They too had been a gift from Bette on an earlier Christmas, but they couldn’t compare to this new set.

    “Beautiful.” Bette said, speaking of both the earrings and her lovely wife. One more dazzling than the other.

    Tina leaned forward and placed a kiss on her wife’s mouth that had Bette gasping for air in seconds. Bette took hold of Tina’s head and deepened the kiss, both women not wanting the kiss to end.

    But they both needed air and rested their foreheads against the other. As they did so, Tina looked down a moment and noticed something else in the bottom of the box.

    “What’s this?” Tina pulled back slightly and reached into the box once more.

    Bette smiled again, knowing full well what Tina was about to discover . . .

    There, under the blonde’s fingertips were two e-tickets to . . .

    “Oh, my fucking god!” Tina exclaimed, her voice full of excitement and anticipation. “No fucking way!”

    “Language Kennard.” Bette teased, as her eyes teared up as well witnessing the sheer excitement of her wife.

    “Babe, I . . . “Tina was at a loss for words, or so it seemed. Then . . .  “I . . . I’ve always, always wanted to go there.”

    “I know my love.” Bette’s own voice was laden with emotion as she had so wanted over the years to give Tina everything she wanted or desired. Bette’s tears threatening to drop at any moment. “I . . . I thought it would be a perfect location for our 25th anniversary.”

    “Oh babe, our 25th!” Tina smiled at her wife and reached for Bette’s shirt and pulled the brunette towards her with the intention of kissing her wife silly. “Twenty-five years uh? You are the very best. How did I get so lucky?”

    “We’re both lucky my love.” Bette answered, as they claimed each other again in a monstrous kiss that threatened to consume them both.

    Tina leaned back and Bette leaned forward, her body coming to lay atop her wife as they revealed in each other.

    The box slid downward from between them, the e-tickets peeking out from under the tissue paper.

    Two weeks in Fiji for a 25th anniversary that they both had well-earned and deserved.

    As the box finally came to rest on the carpet by the couch, a shiny object glisten right beside it.

    A silver and diamond earring.

    The very same silver and diamond earring that just a moment ago had been in Tina’s left ear lobe.

    Somehow, somehow, it seemed that they could never escape their destiny they had started all those years ago.

    As if they would ever want to.

    No because, this . . . This . . .  was forever.

    Full circle indeed . . .


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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    1. Collins – This was super sweet and so wonderful to find this on Christmas day!

      I know I’ll reread it several more times before I go back to work later this week.

      This was so romantic and I’m so glad you didn’t go the GQ route and instead continued on with the theme that Tibette married after they moved to NYC and lived here. And that some of the OGs are still around!

      Happy holidays pal.

      • Happy Holidays K,

        Glad this made your Xmas reading list!!! Ha!!!

        As you know, I wrote 2 GQ based stories – Forever Means Forever & the short story Full Circle. Those were enough for a lifetime for me & GQ.

        Many of my Collection short stories revolve around Tibette living in NYC, being married & happy in love. To me, it’s an interesting time of their life story & Tibette fans & readers want to explore that part of their herstory.

        Best wishes for the New Year!!

    2. What a perfect story to read today.

      I love how Bette is so romantic, and I never tire of hearing that Tina is the love of her life.

      And the earring! yep, it’s their destiny and this is forever.

      Loved this story.

      Merry Christmas, Collins, to you and your wife.

      • Thanks so much for the wishes for my wife & I. That’s sweet of you!!

        Hope you had a great Christmas.

        Saw all the weather systems & snow up your way. It’s been bitter cold here in TX since last Thursday afternoon & we were down to 15 degrees Thurs/Friday overnight!!! But we survived without losing electricity. But now, the weather is going in the other direction & it’s to be unusually warm the next few days. Just nuts!!

        It just doesn’t seem possible that Tibette is celebrating their 25th anniversary & so far, there has been NO promotion for it. That’s just unacceptable on every level. I sure hope we get something in the next few weeks or ST will have screwed up once again.

        You know the earring is how they started. That’s them & we love it!!

        Wishing you good health & happiness for the New Year.

    3. Aw, such a sweet holiday story! This was great. Just what we needed – to be loved up by Bette and Tina!

      But dang, Tina and that damn earring!!! She’s so lucky to have her own personal Sherlock Holmes detective to always find it for her!!!

      Happy holidays!

      • Hope you’re having a great holiday season!

        You made me LOL about Sherlock Holmes!! But you are absolutely right. Bette always completes her assignment & gets her woman or earring in this case.

        See ya next year with another update on DOH.

        Best wishes for a safe & healthy New Year.

          • Me too!! That was such an intriguing show. Love both the actors & I thought the show was extremely well written & produced. Would love for a reboot of that show.
            I wasn’t sure when it first aired as Watson was a female, but Lucy nailed the character & made it her own.
            Jonny was excellent as Sherlock & the evolution of them both over the years was very satisfying.

            Yep, Bette always has Tina at the forefront of her motivation. She’ll do anything for TK.

    4. Cute and sassy.

      Bette and Tina just can’t help it, they are still head over heels for each other and you write them so tellingly.

      Thanks for this little gift.

      I enjoyed reading it today after all the holiday festivities – it was such a pleasure just to sit with my nice warm spiced cider, put my feet up in my cozy warm living room and RELAX so I could read your story and fall in love with them all over again!!

      Happy New Year!

      • Sassy huh? :-)

        Bette & Tina were just made for each other, no doubt.

        Sounds like you had a great time enjoying this little tale & I hope your holiday was just as good.

        Take care & all the best for the New Year.

      • Hi Katharina,

        Thanks for checking out this short story.

        Xmas is their favorite family holiday & Bette wanted to surprise Tina with the trip & the celebration of their meeting.

        Best wishes for a great New Year.

    5. I was apprehensive too, but knew that both of them were terrific actors and was curious to witness how the interaction and relationship between them would play out. And they did a marvelous job.

      Think this was my favorite pairing of the Sherlock/Watson on screen pairing.

      I’ve often thought on the legacy that JB/LuH have created and have left for the fandom as well as casual viewers. They are simply magic together.

      I know I will always be indebted to them

      • Agree, they did a marvelous job. I’ve been a Sherlock fan for eons it seems.

        When you think of all the time – 18 years – that JB/LuH have worked together & been a couple on screen, it is just amazing. They are not only an icon lesbian couple, but an astonishing couple period – one for the ages.

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