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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 11

    It had been 3 hours since Alice lost feeling in her legs. Dana had been directed to wait in the waiting room while Alice was examined. Dana was beginning to feel extremely tired. She decided to call Shane and inform her.

    Dana: Shane?

    Shane: What’s up Dane? Is Alice okay?

    Dana: I don’t know. Can you come back?

    Shane: I’ll be right there, where abouts are you?

    Dana: Waiting room.

    Shane: I’m on my way.

    Dana couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. Alice had just admitted she loved her, and accepted that Dana loved her too, and now she had no idea if Alice would even be able to walk again. She could only hope from this point on. 15 minutes later, Shane walked through the double doors of the waiting room and spotted Dana sat in the corner, her head resting on the wall behind her, tears streaming down her face and looking exhausted. She made her way over to her and sat down beside her, taking her hand for comfort.

    Shane: Dane, is she okay?

    Dana: She lost feeling in her legs. Shane, she could never walk again, what if that happens?

    Shane: Alice is strong, she’ll get through this. Are you okay? You look terrible.

    Dana: Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, Shane.

    Shane: Sorry, but seriously, you should go get some rest. I can stay here if news on Alice comes through.

    Dana: No, I’m not leaving her. I love her.

    Shane: Dane, she lied. She remembers you; she just didn’t want to remember what you said.

    Dana: I know, she told me. She also told me she loves me too, and has since the day we met.

    Shane: I’m so glad she told you. You aren’t mad at me are you? She told me this morning and that’s why I decided to leave you two alone.

    Dana: No, I’m not mad. If you hadn’t talked to her, I might not even know what I know now, so thank you. If anything, I’m mad at myself. I should have told her ages ago, I just don’t understand why she can’t accept that I love her, like who wouldn’t? She’s the most amazing woman I know.

    Shane: Yeah, she is quite something. But you shouldn’t be mad at yourself, it not your fault. You weren’t to know she’d run off, or that this would happen. Just be there for her, that’s all she needs and all she’s ever wanted.

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