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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 12

    Shane had decided to wait until the two woke up. It was only 5pm, but she told Kit and Jenny to wait until tomorrow to see Alice. Bette and Tina would be visiting tomorrow anyway so they could have family time at the hospital. She turned Alice’s TV on and turned it towards herself. She watched the news for half an hour before Alive began to stir, causing Dana to wake up after feeling Alice’s hand move. Initially, you could see the panic on Dana’s face, until she saw that Alice was just waking up and not hurt. Alice turned and smiled at Dana, before looking over to Shane.

    Shane: Hey, how are you feeling?

    Alice: Good considering where I am.

    Shane: Good, I’m happy for you two by the way.

    Alice: How do you know?

    Dana: Al, I told her, you’re not mad are you?

    Alice: No, of course not.

    Shane: I brought enough fruit and fruit juice for you both. I also spoke to Kit and Jenny and they will be visiting tomorrow, with Bette and Tina.

    Alice: Thanks Shane, but did anybody tell Helena?

    Shane: Fuck, no. I forgot. I’m sorry. Do you want me to call her now?

    Alice: Yes please, but tell her to come tomorrow too.

    Shane nodded and walked out of the room. Alice had done this as she wanted Dana to do something for her. She turned to look at Dana and their eyes met immediately. Alice’s mouth suddenly went dry with nervousness. She brought Danas hand that was still being held by her own up to her mouth, and placed a soft kiss on her palm, just like Dana had done to her. She put their hands back down to Alices side and worked up the courage to ask Dana something.

    Alice: Dana?

    Dana: Yeah? Are you in pain?

    Alice: No I was just wondering, can you kiss me, on my cheek?

    Dana: Why?

    Alice: Just do it, please.

    Dana stood up and slowly leaned over to Alice, being careful not to hurt her. She leaned down and pressed her lips to Alice’s right cheek. She lingered longer than she would have if the same actions were taking place a few days ago. She felt Alice sigh underneath her and when she sat back down in her chair, Alice’s eyes were still closed and she had the cutest smile on her face. She was confused as to why Alice would ask her to do that, but she was happy nonetheless.

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