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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 10

    Shane had decided to call Bette and Tina and inform them on Alice. She felt that even though they were on their honeymoon, they should know. They told Shane they would be back the next day, as it was the next possible flight. It was early, but Shane knew Dana would be awake. She got dressed, went to The Planet to get coffee and headed straight for Danas house. When she got there, she noticed all of the lights were off. She went to the door and knocked as loud as she could, hoping if Dana was in fact asleep, she would hear her. Not 10 seconds later, Dana opened the door and allowed Shane in.

    Dana: Early for you, isn’t it?

    Shane: Yeah, but I couldn’t sleep.

    Dana: Me neither.

    Shane: How are you this morning?

    Dana: How can I be? I’ve lost not only my best friend but the one person I want to be with. How am I supposed to feel?

    Shane: Dana, trust me. Either Al does remember you and she’s just acting as if she doesn’t because of what you told her, or she genuinely doesn’t remember. But, the way she looked at you in the hospital, there’s no doubt in my mind that you two could build a relationship.

    Dana: What if you’re wrong? She thinks she’s straight, there’s no chance.

    Shane: Only time will tell, but think about what I said. She wasn’t awkward when you were there. I know I would be if I was told I had a best friend that I couldn’t remember.

    Dana: Can we just go and see her? I miss her so much.

    Shane: Okay. By the way, I called Bette and Tina; they will be back home tomorrow and will be going to see her.

    Dana: That’s fine; they had a right to know.

    Shane: Come on, let’s get you dressed. We’ll call at The Planet on the way for something to eat.

    Dana: I’m not hungry.

    Shane: You have to eat, Dana. You need to be strong for yourself and Alice.

    Dana: Okay.

    After 20 minutes, they were sat in The Planet, each eating a bacon sandwich. Dana didn’t eat this food, but right now she didn’t care. All she wanted was Alice. Suddenly, a thought popped into Danas head.

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