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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 13 (Part 2)

    Back at the hospital…

    Dr. Edwards: So, Alice, your wounds are healing nicely and even though you can’t feel them, your legs are healing nicely too. Since you’re temporarily paralyzed, when you do regain feeling, they will be painful and extremely aching. We’re hoping you’ll be out of the hospital within the next 3 weeks.

    Alice: Why so long?

    Dr. Edwards: Well normally we would keep patients with breakages to the legs for around 4 weeks, to ensure they either have a carer or can move themselves. Since you have both legs broken and temporarily paralyzed, we feel we need to keep you in for that little bit longer. It will also give your legs extra chance to regain feeling while you’re here.

    Alice: Will I need a carer?

    Dr. Edwards: Yes. It can be anyone you want but the person will have to live with you for at least 3 weeks. That’s if you regain feeling while you’re still in the hospital. If not, you will need someone until you do, and until you can walk by yourself or at least with a walker of some sort. The person you choose will be required to undergo some kind of information session, where they will be shown how to care for you to minimise the risk of further injury as much as possible.

    Just as Dr. Edwards was about to continue, he got called to an emergency in another part of the hospital. He apologized to Alice and Dana before rushing out of the room. Once he was gone, Alice looked at Dana and squeezed her hand a little, so Dana would look at her.

    Alice: Dana?

    Dana: Yeah?

    Alice: Do you think… maybe you could… you know, be my carer?

    Dana: Alice…

    Alice: If you don’t want to that’s fine its just I want you to be…

    Dana: Alice…

    Alice: I could ask Shane, it’s no big deal…

    Dana: Alice, could you shut up and listen?

    Alice: Okay.

    Dana: I would love to be your carer. It means spending more time with you, so why wouldn’t I?

    Alice: Okay, thanks. You know me better than anyone and I know you’d do a good job at it.

    Dana: I wouldn’t consider it a job. I WANT to do it, for you. But, you know, it means I have to move in with you. Are you sure you’re okay with that? I mean, we haven’t even defined what we are yet.

    Alice: I’m fine with it, and you can always move out when I’m better.

    Alice stuck her tongue out at Dana to show she was just kidding. Dana smiled at Alice’s silliness and couldn’t stop herself falling even more in love with the blonde.

    Alice: And as for us, I don’t know what we are, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

    Dana: I know. I really want to be with you.

    Alice: I do too, but we are taking it slow, remember?

    Dana: I know. I love you.

    Alice: I love you too. Now, if you don’t mind, I want to watch tennis, so be quiet.

    Dana just laughed at Alice. She was the least athletic person she knew, and she knew Alice was only watching tennis because she could watch Dana hot and sweaty, but she just stayed quiet and allowed Alice to watch her, while she watched Alice. Their hands never left each other’s and every so often, Dana would kiss the back of Alice’s hand, to let her know she was still there with her. Eventually, they drifted off to sleep for the night, just happy to be with each other.

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