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    The Triangle of Love – Part 13 (Part 1)

    It had been 3 weeks since ‘family night’ at the hospital. Aidan had visited many times and had learnt about Dana and Alice. Even though they agreed not to tell their friends just yet, they had told Aidan and told him not to mention it to anyone. He agreed and he spent a lot of time there.  It was a Sunday morning and Aidan was visiting Alice, when his phone went off. He excused himself to answer the call.

    Aidan: Hello?

    Woman: Aidan, how’s it going?

    Aidan: I’m not bad.

    Woman: You know that’s not what I’m talking about. You need to meet me, now. The plan is made and I need to run you over it.

    Aidan: I’ll be right there.

    Woman: Be here and hurry.

    Aidan: Got it.

    Aidan ended the phone call and went to say goodbye to Alice and Dana. They had to admit they had become fond of the young man. He seemed to care about Alice’s wellbeing and was always offering to do things for her. He had become fond of them too, but for the wrong reasons. He knew they were gay, and looking to become a couple, but he thought they were both hot, even while Alice was an invalid. He got into his car and drove over to a large warehouse, where he knew the woman on the phone would be waiting. He walked in and before he could say or do anything, he heard his name.

    Woman: Aidan, you’re late.

    Aidan: I got here as quick as I could.

    Woman: Not quick enough. But anyway, how are Alice and Dana?

    Aidan: They are good. They should be out of the hospital soon. Alice is healing well but she still can’t feel her legs.

    Woman: Well, isn’t that a shame?

    Aidan: Sure.

    The woman led Aidan into a small room and handed him a piece of paper. It had Alice’s address on it and also Danas address. The woman went over the plan with Aidan and told him what he would have to do.

    Woman: So, do you think you’ll be able to do it?

    Aidan: It shouldn’t be too hard.

    Woman: You better hope it isn’t.

    Aidan: Tell me again, why am I doing this?

    Woman: Because, that bitch stole my girlfriend and she needs to pay.

    Aidan: Isn’t a car accident and serious injuries payment enough?

    Woman: No. They weren’t caused by me, that was just luck.

    Aidan: Okay. As soon as they’re out, I’ll start with the plan.

    Woman: Alright. Oh, and Aidan?

    Aidan: Yeah?

    Woman: Make sure you watch yourself; you never know when disaster will hit.

    Aidan: Don’t worry, Lara. I will.

    With that, Aidan walked out. He was beginning to regret meeting Lara as she now wanted him to do her dirty work, but he could relate to her. His ring was fake, he wasn’t married. Not anymore. Another man stole his wife’s heart and she left him for the other guy. She knew Lara was hurting. He didn’t know the whole story, Lara was very particular about what she would tell him, but he wanted to help anyway.

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