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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 14

    It had been 2 weeks and Alice was finally allowed out of the hospital. She hadn’t regained feeling in her legs, but if they were all honest, they hadn’t expected her to just yet. She had been out in the hospital grounds, in a wheelchair she could manoeuvre on her own, as well as Dana could push. The cuts on her head had healed more than they expected, but you obviously could still see the scar on her forehead. She still had the pots on her legs to make sure she couldn’t move them, or if she banged them, they would be better protected, as she wouldn’t be able to feel the pain, if any, if she damaged her legs even more. They were already broken; they didn’t need the added risk. It was a Monday afternoon, and Dana had left Alice to go over some things with the Doctor, such as what to do if an emergency did occur and what Dana should do. Dana had gone to get the car. She decided on her own car, as it has higher up, so she figured it would be easier to get Alice in and out. When she got back to the hospital, it was 3pm. She decided to take Alice straight home, and then if Alice was up to it, go to The Planet for dinner. While they were in the car on their way home, Alice noticed they were going in the opposite direction to her apartment.

    Alice: Hey, Dana?

    Dana: Yeah?

    Alice: Where are we going? My apartment is the other way.

    Dana: We’re going to my place.

    Alice didn’t say anything, and the silence was beginning to worry Dana. Had she done something wrong? She was only trying to do what’s best for Alice. She looked over at Alice before looking back at the road, and then she pulled over.

    Alice: Why’d you stop?

    Dana turned and took Alice’s hand in hers. She looked into her eyes and Alice could see the tears in Dana’s eyes. Why was she crying, did she do something wrong?

    Alice: Dane, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?

    Dana: I’m not crying, I got something in my eye.

    Alice: Bullshit, what’s wrong?

    Dana: Al, you can’t go to your apartment.

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