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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 9

    Man: Miss? Miss, can you hear me?

    Alice could feel someone’s hands on her shoulders as she began to regain consciousness. Her eyes still closed, she muttered something.

    Man: What was that? What did you say miss?

    Alice: Shane…

    The man had already called an ambulance, but they wouldn’t get there for another 10 minutes. The woman on the phone told the man to keep talking to Alice to keep her awake. He couldn’t move Alice, as her legs were trapped between crushed door and the centre console. She also had a large cut on the top of her forehead, and one on the back of her head. It also looked like she had broken her ribs from what the man could see. Luckily, at the time she crashed, he was driving just in front of her and when he heard the bang of the car hitting the tree, he knew something was wrong.

    Man: Shane?

    Alice: Call… Shane…

    He looked around the car for Alice’s bag, which had her phone in it. He took Alice’s phone out and scrolled through the contacts, looking for Shane’s number. When he found it, he dialled the number. Shane picked up after the third ring.

    Shane: Hey, Al.

    Man: Hello? Is this Shane?

    Shane: Erm, yeah, who are you?

    Man: My names Aidan. Your friend has been in an accident. She managed to mutter your name so I called you. You should get to the hospital. She doesn’t look good.

    Shane only managed to hear ‘been in an accident’. After that, she couldn’t focus. She couldn’t stand to lose Alice. She hung up the phone and quickly made her way to the hospital. Back at the accident scene…

    Nurse: Thanks for waiting with her, we’ll take over now.

    Aidan: I’d like to stay, if you don’t mind.

    Nurse: If you go to the hospital, we will inform you when she arrives.

    Aidan: Okay.

    Aidan made his way to the hospital. He didn’t know Alice, but he wanted to make sure she was okay. She looked in a bad way and at least wanted to know whether she would be okay or not.

    Nurse: Okay, Alice, can you hear me? We’re going to get you out of here, okay?

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    1. I think Alice is blocking her mind because of her feelings, it is involuntary, but it is happening, poor Dana she doesn’t understand. Nice chapter, thanks again and I’ll be waiting for the update.


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