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    The Unexpected Chapter 3

    Bette lay flat on her back, breathing hard as though she had been running.  She had awoke from a vivid dream with her hands over her face.  She hadn’t slept much last night. So much had happened over the last few weeks culminating in an unexpected reactive push that caused Felicity’s husband to fall backwards down the stairs at the front of Angie’s school. 

    The play had gone so well.  It was pretty clear the Angie has a thing for Jordie, Bette thought with a frown crossing her face.  Shane, Alice and her girl friends, Bette smiled to herself.  What has Alice gotten herself into now, she thought.  A family supporting their kid, that was what this was about.  Only one person missing, but she was in Vancouver, missing again an event for Angie. 

    Bette ran her hands through her hair as she sat up in bed.  She closed her eyes tightly trying to get the image of the drunken man out of her head.  The image kept haunting her all night.  She sent Angie to Jordie’s house hoping to insulate her from all the nonsense that irrupted after the scene at the school went viral.   Social Media, she thought, gone are the days of doing pretty much anything in public and getting away with it.  ”Those fucking smart phones”, she said quietly to herself. 

    Bette listened closely, she could hear the crowd of reporters that had gathered in front of her home.  God, I could use some of that Pot Shane had the other night, Bette thought as she climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower.  Bette leaned into the hot water, resting her hands against the wall reflecting on the conversation she had with Shane on the night of Shane’s birthday. 

    Bette recalled her response to Shane calling herself a fuck up after sleeping with one of her staff.  Bette was scared, of what will happen with the campaign, with her future, with Angie and of course with Tina.  Bette just couldn’t understand how she could keep making the same bad choices.  Felicity was a mistake, she thought she fixed it, but it seems to have snowballed out of her control.  Kit, she thought as the tears welled up in her eyes had been gone for almost a year.  Kit was her rock and was one of two people who were able to keep her together.  Kit’s unexpected death after Tina had left, rocked Bette’s world for a second time and it had not stopped rocking since. 

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    1. Hmmm, strange that you explained Tibette’s divorce so simple. I know that what writers in GQ wrote, but for me it was always just lazy from them – and i’m sure that they didn’t watch TLW at all

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