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    This Time Around—Chapter 1

    Present day—New York City

    Decisions….Decisions…It wasn’t like her to be so indecisive but she found herself staring at the two scripts in front of her as she sipped her coffee.  The setting sun barely peeking though the blinds of the living room where she was perched on..her legs and feet drawn underneath her body.

    She picked up the script titled When You Least Expect It….Somehow she was drawn to this one more…The story centered around two women who meet at a grief counseling center.  One is grieving the death of her child  and the other is grieving the death of her husband.  They end up forging a friendship that leads to more….She sighs as she sets the script down and picks up the other one….Jade’s Fury….This one however is completely different as the main character Jade seeks revenge on the people that broke into her home attacking her and her family..She survives but her husband and two children do not make it..She sets the script back down and flinches as the ringtone blares from her cellphone and grimaces as she see who is calling

    “Hey Harry..How are you?”

    “Tina..Let’s cut out the pleasantries…You need to make a decision..Both films are set to go into production before the end of the year”

    “Well I’m good Tina!..Nice of you to ask” she says sarcastically…Annoyed Harry is all business 24/7….But she can’t complain because he is a good agent and has helped her get to this point where she just picks a role instead of not having to audition and pray you get called….

    “Tina….I need an answer”

    “I hope this isn’t how you proposed to Lydia last month….But either way she has my sympathy..And since you are chomping at the bit for my answer I’m going with When You Least Expect It

    “I was afraid you were going to say that”

    Tina sighs “Why?..What do you mean?”

    “Well….”  He pauses a little too long for Tina’s liking

    She sighs “Just spit it out”

    “Well….The role opposite of the one you were offered…The one grieving the loss of her husband has been cast…She signed on today”

    “Ok..So what’s the problem?” she asks

    “Tina….It’s…Uhm…It’s Bette”

    She drops the phone from her hand blankly  staring ahead….No she thought..This can’t be happening..Not now..Not when she was at peace

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