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    til later

    Tina sidled up to Bette and looked back toward the door. “We probably only have a second.” Tina’s gravelly voice tickled Bette’s ear.


    “Hi.” Tina brushed her cheek against Bette’s, her lips dusting the smooth skin in a swift sweep of her face.

    Bette could smell the cinnamon and syrup on Tina’s breath enticing her to put her hands on her hips and pull her closer.

    “So I’m French Toast now?”

    “Mmmm…” Tina unbuttoned her own pants and slipped Bette’s hand inside. “You’ve always been my delicious indulgence.” Her voice was throaty and deep and horny.

    Bette whimpered feeling Tina’s wetness coat her fingertips. She circled Tina’s clit with rapid, rough strokes before Tina stopped her hand and pulled it back out.

    She kissed Bette’s lips while placing the long fingers between them.

    “Taste me.”

    A hungry moan escaped Bette’s chest as she sucked Tina’s juices off her own fingers.

    “til later…”

    “Ohh you are such a dirty girl, Ms. Kennard,” Bette growled in the blonde’s ear while pulling her closer by the waist of her open pants and slipping her hand in one more time.

    Tina cupped Bette’s breast, a rushed squeeze before moving her fingers between the buttons of the low cut shirt. She expertly unbuttoned the top one revealing an enticing cleavage for Tina to place an open-mouth kiss between her breasts.

    Bette twirled blonde silky hair around one hand and had the other circling in Tina’s damp underwear.

    Tina flicked her tongue over Bette’s pouty lips. “I’ll tell them you’re on a call but don’t leave with Angie’s bag.”

    “Will I see you later?”

    Tina pulled Bette’s wrist out from between her legs and brought a finger to her mouth, taking it under her tongue and licking its entire length before biting the tip. Bette watched her with bated breath, their mouths lingering dangerously close as seconds ticked by before someone could open the door.


    Tina washed her hands and tucked her shirt back in, leaving Bette to take a moment to collect herself.

    Bette splashed water on her face and neck, letting the water cool the heat surging through her entire body. She ran her fingers through her hair and down her cheeks, her fingertips pausing over her mouth.

    “til later, my love…”

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