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    til later

    Bette moved her sunglasses atop her head in hopes Tina could read her thoughts. “No. This works out. And I know she wants to hang out with you.” She looked at her watch. “I really should get going.”

    Bette got up to hug her friends goodbye. Her crisp white button down showed a small coffee stain just above her waist.

    “Looks like you need a stain pen, Bette.” Carrie chortled as Bette passed by her to hug Alice.

    “Oh darn, my cup must’ve dripped. It’ll come out. But thanks for pointing it out, Carrie.” Bette rolled her eyes as she tapped the woman on her shoulder only for the excuse to be able to touch Tina’s shoulder in front of everyone.

    Bette stopped between her ex-wife and daughter.

    “I’ll have her home for dinner.”

    “Okay, thanks. Just have her…or you can text me if anything changes.” Bette corrected herself giving Tina an opening to contact her.

    “I’ll see you later.” Bette kissed the top of Angie’s head before putting her hand behind Tina’s bare neck and lightly grazing her shoulder. Electricity brimming in the simple touch. “I’m glad you could join us today.” Tina held her breath looking up into Bette’s gaze. The tall brunette was absorbing as much of the blonde’s aura as she could before looking away towards Carrie. “Both of you.”

    “Thanks Bette! Maybe I’ll join you next week when blondie here is in Toronto.”

    Bette nervously giggled an “okay” with fear that Carrie would actually show up.

    Tina pushed stray hairs out of her face in the nervous twitch Bette was all too familiar with.

    “You girls have fun.” Bette waved as she made her way to the front of the restaurant.

    As Shane and Alice were arguing over the bill, Angie remembered she left her bag in Bette’s car.

    “I’ll catch up to her, honey. I have to use the ladies room, anyways.”

    Tina snuck away from the table and quickly gained ground on Bette as she saw her go inside to the restroom. She gave her a few minutes before going in.


    “Hi.” Bette looked up from the sink surprised.

    “Angie needs her bag in your car.”

    “Oh right.” Bette dried her hands in the power dryer, pretending to be enthralled with the way her skin moved over her veins with the rush of air.

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