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    TLWGQ Season 2, Episode 1

    Tina paces her office fuming while awaiting Jenny Schecter’s arrival. She mutters away to herself angrily as she moves. A light knock is heard from her door. She takes a moment to compose herself before answering.


    “Oh Tina! Hi! It’s been so long! I was so happy to get your call!”

    Tina smiles tightly.

    “Right, um… please come in.”

    Tina turns and moves to sit behind her desk. Jenny follows, closing the door behind her, and sits in the chair opposite her.

    “I’m so glad you called me! So, you read the script, right? What did you think?! I was so nervous sending it to you seeing how we left things so long ago, but ten years is a lot of water under the bridge.”

    Tina rubs the back of her neck as her chest flushes red.

    “Jenny, you faked your death in my pool, and then turned up 5 years later with Marina saying you had been with her traveling the world, before you both disappeared again. I’m not sure there’s a bridge high enough, or water deep enough, to overcome that.”

    Jenny reaches across and pats Tina’s hand.

    “I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you – all of you – but I was so lost. Adele used William to sully my name, and what’s a writer with a tainted name?! I couldn’t find any inspiration for the longest time. I had to disappear from the world’s eyes and become an observer again, and now I’ve finally been able to put a script together and this will be my great comeback! How amazing will it be, we worked on ‘Lez Girls’ together and now, ten years later, we can work on ‘Lez Girls Deux’ together. It will be so fun!”

    Tina sits stunned at the audacity and delusion of her former friend and neighbor. “Jenny, once again you’ve crept into our lives and tried to exploit it for fame and money. This time is worse though, this time there’s not even a semblance of reality to your work – Bette and I divorce! I leave Angie! I get engaged to someone else! Kit dies – from an overdose – and I don’t go to her funeral! What kind of bullshit is that? Imagine how Kit would feel reading that? She worked so hard to get into recovery, and she works hard every day to maintain it. How dare you reduce her to a statistic.”

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    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      This was so incredible good!!!

      I loved how you wrote it and for me it was very realistic, i wish something like this would happen in the second season but given what the writers ruined for us in the firtst season that chance is reduced to zero.

      I will take this one of as the truth and what should be happen. You did a excellent job!

      Am i allowed to say this?! I will take the chance: Fuck Jenny, Fuck Marja and Fuck GenQ!!!!

      I hope you will write more! Your stories are a balsem for my mind and heart!

      • I loved your comment! Fuck Jenny, fuck Maria and fuck Gen Q!

        It wasn’t until Laurel appeared that gen q had any hope of being renewed. I’d love to have some of the old cast come back now and then because they were also an important part of the LWord and deserve a come back!

      • Amen sister!! I feel like we are in bizarro world. Laurel Holloman, Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey are all following Rosie on Instagram. And Laurel is liking Rosie’s posts. Now Laurel is off on a quick jaunt to Arizona. Hopefully on a vision quest. And the background for Jennifer’s post looks like Laurel’s painting. But it’s not. My head hurts!! Profanity totally appropriate.

    2. I actually like this story a lot…. Comes damn close to the Pamela Ewing having a dream that Bobby was dead in Dallas. I told a friend that a repeat of that story would be the best for season 2…. That season 1 was just a bad dream…. Carrie and Tina were never together, never engaged. Carrie was just someone Tina worked with….
      Bette and Tina were never divorced…. Kit is very much alive…..

      Wouldn’t it be nice?

      Thank you for this story…. thank you for presenting a Bette and Tina who are still together, still in love and still willing to bear their souls to one another and are not willing to give that up for anything.

    3. Perfect! This was how they should have written it as it does make sense. If they just wanted gen Q the Jenn, Leisha and Kate should just remained producers. The fact that they wanted to be in it then makes it more about the whole community, not just the youngsters. All the young one do is give us more drama as that’s what some 20 year old love… drama! I get tired of that.

      I loved that Jenny brought up the impetus for Bette and Tina to have this needed conversation so that they could communicate what needed to be said and clarified to one another. Practicing good communication never hurts.

      The fact that Bette doesn’t recognize that she has indeed changed for the better is a good example of how we all become our own worst enemy if given a chance. As they say everything happens for a reason.

      Your story was fantastic and I commend you for fixing Maria’s mess with a quality story!!! Thank you!

    4. GoshI was on board after page one!!! Jenny causes rage to erupt in an instant. Uuughhh!!

      Bette endeavored to change more than anybody in TLW and she was successful. I like how Bette was clear the intimacy with Tina is what knit her soul to Tina and sex was the doorway to their “lovers world”.

      The reason we Tibetters have been spittin’ nails is bc Jenn & Laurel have been so exquisite in charging the air with that intimacy.

      The fact the powers that be refuse to allow these two actresses to release those life-sustaining cool-vibes is depressing & infuriating !!!

    5. Elizabeth, I loved the premise of your story. Having season 1 GenQ be a product of Jenny’s lunacy is genius. It was so well-written and I loved how you moved the story to Bette and Tina’s reality. If only the show writers had a modicum of the talent and imagination shown in the storylines on this site. Great job!

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