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    TLWGQ #FanficChallenge #Ep7

    “Hello?” Angie calls out as she walks into the house. She continues to talk as she moves toward the dining room. “Mama B? Mama T? I know I’m late; I forgot you wanted to have lunch. I was with Jordi and–” Angie stops short when she enters the room, not expecting a third persons presence. “Oh… um… Carrie… what are you doing here?”

    “Hi Angelica! I’m so glad to see you again! I’m hoping we can spend some time together while I’m here – you know, just us?” Carrie says excitedly.

    Angie immediately feels the discomfort in the room. She glances toward Bette to see the forced smile. Wanting to provide her Mama B with comfort and support, she strides to the empty seat next to Bette – directly across from Mama T and Carrie – pulling the seat flush to Bette’s before sitting down. She slides her clammy hand into Bette’s fidgety one before looking toward Carrie with disinterest. “I’m pretty busy and wanted to spend my free time with my Moms… alone.” She says sharply. Her gaze shifts to Tina with a look of thinly veiled anger. “Mama T’s not here often, so when she is, I like for us to just be alone and spend time as a family.”

    Tears prick Tina’s eyes as the hurt behind Angie’s words wash over her. She tries to swallow back the emotion. “Angie…”

    Bette notices Tina’s shift in demeanor. Her desire to always protect Tina comes to the fore as she looks to their daughter and begins speaking. “Angie, that wasn’t necessary.” Bette gently tucks the loose curls that had fallen into Angie’s face behind her ear, keeping her hand there to caress her cheek. “I know – we know – it’s been hard having Mama T not physically here every day, but you know she loves you. She talks to you everyday and checks in with me to ensure you’re okay. You know she’s always here when you need her. You called her after your play and she dropped everything, without hesitation, to be here for you.” Bette quickly glances to Tina. Tina nods appreciatively while she continues. “We are a family…” She says softly before turning back to Angie. “… and we’ll always be there for each other. Right?”

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    1. I certainly hope the L Word writers are reading this!!!!!

      Awesome story – so heart wrenching & then so hopeful!!!!

      Angie can bring them back together & get Bette to fight for Tina.

      Thank you so much for the terrific story!!!!!

      • I’m hopeful that they wouldn’t bring LuH back just to have Tina marry someone other than Bette, but I think the process of reunifying B&T is going to be long and heartbreaking… I don’t know if I can sit through it another time around. Season 3 of TLW was hard enough – I don’t need a second iteration of that.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

      • I would love for Carrie to remain faceless and useless; I’d love for Tina to recognize her own mistake in accepting the proposal and go back to Bette on her own. We don’t need Carrie! HA!

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

      • I think we’ll definitely get a B&T reunification in the end, but I’m not looking forward to the drama they’ll have them endure in the interim. I too, wish they would allow their reconciliation to happen sooner rather than later.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

    2. We need to print and send to Showtime! If they want Tibette “drama” then they can write about the sessions with Dr Foxworthy!

      Or we can write some scenes of creative Tibette slap bit*^ches off off of these two!!!!

      Stop tearing apart this family!!! How about A
      adding some more children to the Porter-Kennard clan to increase adventure scenarios

      • Honestly, we don’t even need the TiBette drama. I think they’d get more viewers if they allowed B&T to have their happy ending and created drama with everyone else; have B&T be the central characters that nurture and support the ones around them while staying steadfast in their own relationship. I would love for someone – ANYONE – for once, to show a loving, committed, long-term marriage between two lesbians. B&T worked through their trials and earned their “happily ever after,” why do that have to do that again?!

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

    3. It’s a beautiful story, Thank you!

      Like others i wish we could see something like that on the screen in s2 Gen. Q.

      By the way – i still think that even suggest that Bette could be with them when Tina would tell Angie about her marriage was most stupid Tina’s line in that dinner in Bette’s house in GQ.

      • I agree, I think it was rather heartless and reminiscent of season 3 Tina, to ask Bette to endure what’s sure to be a heartbreaking conversation. Angie seems very protective of Mama B, so if they actually play this scenario out in season 2 – of all three of them telling Angie – then it will not be a pleasant conversation. Based off the way they’ve portrayed Angie in TLWGQ, she would flip out on Tina and Carrie and comfort Bette – I don’t think she’d be happy about Tina remarrying.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

    4. Wow!!!!

      How wonderful it would be if this happened in Generation Q!

      I wish you were the writer for the show !!!

      It was so beautiful how Bette explained to Angelica that she was responsible for making their marriage fail!

      I had tears in my eyes!

      I am so grateful to you for this story, to ease the pain caused by the last episode.

      I really hope this will happen in the last episode or in the second season, but it probably won’t. Marja doesn’t care about Tibette and the fans. She only cares about the newbies. Those are her creations, but they are not (yet) able to make the show successful.

      Thank you so much for this wonderful story!!!

      • If we ever get a scene of Bette talking to Angie about the divorce, I hope it’s like this. I think Bette would be honest and accept responsibility for the demise of their relationship. I’d love to see an authentic interaction like that… plus a delicious reunion!

        Thanks for reading and commenting! :-)

      • Thank you for your sweet words! The story began to spin in my head the second that gut wrenching scene ended. I was happy to see the challenge posted because I’m not sure I would have written it otherwise.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

    5. This is January 2020….this very well could be the best story of the year…. Wonder dialogue and storyline. I just cannot see Bette and Tina splitting permanently. I just cannot see how they would not find each other in some way or another and this story certainly shows the path. This does not mean their lives will be happily ever after, but it sure gives all of us TiBette fans hope. Bette and Tina love each other and always will. It’s just a matter of creating a relationship in which they can live together.

      Wonderful…Wonderful Wonder.

      • You’re too kind! Thank you!

        I can’t see them splitting permanently either, and definitely not remarrying someone else. I would love for the show to take a path like this because it’s authentic and realistic. Bette and Tina admit their mistakes and shortcomings and each take responsibility for the divorce. Then, they agree to work toward rebuilding something great – eyes wide open! They don’t pretend that their love is enough; they know the work has to be done and they’re willing to do it.

        I speak it into the ether and hope it rings true!

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

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