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    To The Moon and Back- Chapter 2

    Hello readers,


    Thank you so much for reading my first chapter and my first fanfiction on this wonderful site and I apologize for the long delay from my first chapter.  Now you have it…the next chapter.  Enjoy.


    Chapter 2


    Blinking her eyes towards dense fog, seeing nothing but white low clouds embracing around her as her bare feet shuffled against ground covered with crispy but dead leaves and twigs.  Raising her hand towards her face, seeing nothing but merely the outline of her fingers.  Her head jerked towards her left side, hearing faint sounds that she could not pinpoint but she sensed that she had to respond somehow.  


    ‘Christina…come here’


    She jerked at the sound but she knew she did not hear it until she concluded that she heard it in her mind.  ‘Who is there?!  Why are you speaking to me in my mind?’ Tina asked telepathically.


    All of sudden, a strong gust of wind blew against Tina, sending her backwards by a few steps. The smell so foul penetrated that Tina almost gagged…Death…pure death and agony. 


    ‘What is this?!’ Tina shouted, seeing nothing but the fog.


    “Christina, you are here and I have brought you here so I could speak to you.” The soft-spoken voice said, startling Tina.


    Turning around to face the figure that spoke to her, there stood a beautiful, dark-skinned woman, clad in warrior-style attire, her long locs bouncing against her ripped shoulders.  Tina could not help herself but really looked at the woman standing in front of her, noticing her hard abs peeking through the open window of her attire before landing her eyes on her feet seeing that they were bare but not touching against the ground. Jerking her head up to look at the strange woman in the eyes, “Who are you, how did you know my name?” Tina finally spoke after a moment of silence.


    The woman tilted her head slightly to the left then smiled, “Christina, I know who you are and I am called Suhaila, the advisor of the clan you are destined to take over.  I know you do not know me but I do know you very well, in fact.  I have been watching you ever since you were taken away for your safety.”  Her eyes, as dark as the universe starting back, waiting for Tina to absorb the information that was just revealed. 

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    1. Love the ending to this chapter! I am so into this story, I was so happy to see this chapter posted. Looking forward to hearing more about the Lycans.

      Can’t wait to read more. Thanks, Lanetra for this story.

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