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    Chapter 7 – Dangerously Irresponsible

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     “So, then I told him that I would never be taken seriously in the music business introducing myself as ‘Tina Turner’ and that I didn’t love him. And that was that.” Tina explained her break up to Tonya and Dana as they cracked up at her story.

    “Let me be the first to say Tina, he was such a tool. I mean, he was so hung up on you, I could tell by the way he followed you around the office like a lost little puppy. It was pathetic.” Tonya observed.

    “Guys, he cried.” Tina deadpanned.

    “I knew he would cry!” Dana cheered with a smile.

    “I’m just not looking forward to the awkwardness at the office, you know? That will teach me to shit where I eat. No more office flings. That shit gets messy”

    Tonya and Dana looked at each other nervously. Tina then realized what she said and tensed slightly as an uncomfortable silence enveloped the colleagues.

    “Then, does that mean you’re not gonna switch teams to take a swing at Helena Peabody?” Tonya asked.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Oh, come on, Tina. That woman wants you in the worst way.” Dana said. “How many shows did she go to with you this past week?”

    Tina gasped in disbelief. “You guys! She wanted to see me in action outside of the office and get a feel for what I really do for the label. She needs to be sure that this promotion was well-deserved, I’m sure.”

    “Yeah, I bet she wants to see you in action outside of the office…and inside of the bedroom.” Dana teased.

    Tina blushed. Helena was a beautiful woman. And Tina was no stranger to attraction to beautiful women.

    Finding unsolicited inquiries into her “sexual preference” to be rather distasteful and down right rude when it came out of the mouth of some misogynistic prick looking to conquer her precious horizons, Tina’s typical evasive answer to the question would be “often.” When the question was rephrased to substitute “orientation” for “preference,” the answer then became “hypersexual” to illustrate her candid insatiable sexual appetite with the right partner. Tina enjoyed orgasms plain and simple. While few men had been capable of providing this enjoyment on a consistent basis, Tina was not shy about finishing herself off on any given night of unfulfilled physical release.

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