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    Uncharted Territory

    Chapter 6

    Tina’s POV      

    The doorman greets me as I enter the majestic building that never ceases to take my breath away. Since the first time I visited Bette in Paris all these years ago, the Ritz was my place to go. I love the old grandeur, with a touch of avantgarde and the smell of extravaganza. From time to time we went to lunch or dinner here and now she’s staying here it seemed like the right location to have lunch again. After making myself known to the host, he leads me through the impressive dining room, where Bordeaux red predominates. The soft mumbling of the visitors accompanies me on my way to our table, where I discern Bette standing with a bright smile, seemingly enjoying the conversation she is having with a woman, who’s back is turned to me. Bette looks like she is treating this lunch as a business meeting, wearing one of her most formal suits, but looking stunning as always. When she sees me she motions at me to her collocutor, holding out her hand for me to take it. ‘Here she is.’ She tells, the woman who I now recognize as her former secretary at the Louvre. When my palm slips over Bette’s and our fingers intertwine as if we are still holding hands daily, I turn to the secretary and greet her warmly. I always liked her for the way she worked together with Bette and used to enthusiastically help me every time with planning surprises for Bette. Now I don’t know how I feel about seeing her, I just know that Bette is standing right next to me, her closeness confusing, and yet the touch of our hands causing my heartbeat to rage against my ribcage.

    ‘Mrs. Porter! How nice to see you again!’ The elegant woman in her forties exclaims warmly. I shake her hand trying to ignore the further increase of my heart beat caused by the reference. Before I used to beg her to call me Tina, but she never caved in and now I don’t want to draw extra attention to it. ‘Although the reason for your visit saddens me.’

    ‘I just told Marie that we arrived a few weeks ago to be here for Renee.’ It’s obvious Bette is putting on a show, a façade to cover up the state of our marriage and the small squeeze in my moist hand, asks me to play along with her white lie.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      Well, i’m on Bette’s side in this – yeah, i think it was Tina who need to crawl to her and asked for forgivness. Because it was Tina who cheated, it was her who ruined their marriage. It doesn’t metter how bad was their marriage in that time – it can’t be exuse for cheating.

    2. I will say this one more time…. cheating is a symptom of much greater problems in a relationship… Even if Tina crawled back and asked forgiveness, promised never to do such again, the underlying problem would still exist. To really reconcile, they must dig and remediate the underlying problem. Otherwise, no matter how much groveling Tina does, there will be no permeance to the reconciliation. It will be only a matter of months and they will be separated again perhaps not because of cheating but because the underlying problem has not been resolved. Tina needs to express what she believes caused her to cheat… in words, out loud so Bette can hear. Bette then needs to respond in words… Tina is being just as silent and withholding of information here as Bette is. Assuming Bette is going to do some self examination without guidance and support is simply not this Bette. Tina believing that she would do such is believing in something she has no way of knowing…. by the same token has Tina done the self-examination to know what her behavior was which Bette may have been responding to? These two have such a long way to go to resolve their issues. And even once looked at completely and honestly, there is no guarantee of reconciliation.

      • I agree here. Tina, in my opinion, needs to be the one to grovel a little, come clean, own her shit. In this chapter she seems to imply that because Bette was so career focused, late to events, busy that it caused her (Tina) to cheat. And that is just wrong. Own it Kennard. Apologize, listen to the hurt you caused then work on getting back together. Start with your own actions, what you could have done differently, how you reacted and let the other person (Bette) own her shit. And dance.

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