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    Uncharted Territory

    Chapter 7


    Tina’s POV          

    A few days ago Renee told us she decided to go home. The underlying meaning of her words hit us both hard, she wants to come home to die. Bette and I had a long talk about how we should deal with it, because we both know it will be heartrending and it will take a big toll on us to be there for her during the last moments of her life. But we decided that we don’t want some stranger to take care of her, we decided we will do it together. In the days that followed we made arrangements for Renee to come home and Bette made sure that Renee has everything she could possibly need at home. Now I look around in her living room and admire once again how with her sense for detail Bette managed to make the living room, with the hideous hospital bed in front of the window, look cozy and warm. With small touches like a colorful bed sheet, the nightstand with an elegant lamp and two comfy chairs next to the bed she managed to create an inviting space.

    I just accompanied Renee in the ambulance to here while Bette did groceries. Now Renee is sitting in the chair looking completely drained, a standard with the IV next to her and clenching a tissue in her hand. I’m standing in the middle of the room not sure what to do, the weight of the atmosphere so unbearably heavy, when Bette walks in with the groceries and two beautiful bouquets of flowers. The next moment she leaves me speechless when she hands me one of the bouquets. ‘Thank you for everything you are doing for her.’ Following her heartfelt words she leans in and places a soft kiss on my cheek that continues burning on my skin long after she walks over to Renee with the second bouquet.

    ‘Welcome home.’

    Much to our surprise, Renee bursts out in tears when hearing Bette’s words. Strangely enough she has been the one that dragged us through till now, with her constant positive mood and her cheerful character and suddenly she just looks so breakable. Watching the scene unfold in front of me I place the flowers on the dining table and sit down in the closest chair. Bette bends through her knees and takes Renee’s hand in hers, gently caressing it. ‘It feels good to be home right?’ She says in the softest voice ever, while Renee nods and lays her head on Bette’s shoulder. Turning my head aside, I try to bite back my tears feeling the intensity of the moment.

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    1. Okay…. I guess we have heard what Tina was thinking….. why did it take this long to tell Bette all of this? Why didn’t she tell her when it was happening…. Confront the situation that Bette had missed the appointments or that she was having to reschedule and the problem she was seeing. People do not know, what they don’t know. And sometimes they do not recognize that they are neglecting their spouse or significant other. With Tina’s opening salvo of “When did you decide you didn’t want a kid?” And Bette’s response of “I never decided that.” Should be a clue…. Tina was basing her conclusions on evidence which she need to confirm with Bette through a conversation… not just make an assumption. The fact is, there is no justification for Tina cheating on Bette. No matter how badly Bette behaved, she needed to have a conversation regarding her disappointment, her hurt feelings and find out where Bette’s head was. Bette needed to know where Tina’s head was. Clairvoyance is not a normal human trait. So they had moved to LA, Bette started a new buisness (a gallery) and they were thinking about having a baby all at the same time? That is a lot of major events and adjustments to pile on in one year. Even the most stable of couples might have problems with all of that going on.

      Well, there is hope… but they both need to see where they screwed up… Tina is approaching this in such a “let’s see how much blame I can shovel your way” to Bette, that I see very little chance for resolution. It should be a definitive clue when they think to themselves “That is what you think?”….. It means they have no idea what the other has been thinking for the past 18 months or so……

      I want these two to resolve their issues… but wow…. what a hard way they are going about it…

    2. Yeah, at least we heard now Tina’s side of the story. Now maybe time for Bette’s side – why she was so buse with her gallery to forgor about all the rest?

      Thank s for the chapter!

    3. UGH.
      Not sure I am rooting for this couple to get together anymore. Too immature. Too accusatory. And in a situation where they are dealing with an end of life loved one. Tragic really. And depressing.
      Tina needs to stop pointing out what Bette was doing wrong, and start with a sincere apology for cheating, this is NO excuse for what she did. NONE. Then let Bette talk through her reasons (like Z said above) for not being home or more available. They are terrible communicators. Divorce and move on or own your shit. I don’t even care if they dance at this point. Just start with some REAL talk.

        • I would rather have my girlfriend tell me she misses me, that she feels disconnected, and losing faith in the relationship. If at that point there is no change then Tina should have left. There is no excuse for cheating. If Tina felt like a punching bag or did not feel safe enough to share how she was feeling then, again, that is on her. Bette is Bette and was neglecting the relationship for sure so I am not saying Bette is blameless, she certainly contributed to Tina feeling like she had to look outside their relationship. I am saying Tina needs to stop pointing fingers – I have yet to read in your story that Tina tells Bette she is sorry for the one night stand, but I could have missed it!

        • Agree with you BK. Having been cheated on, there is no excuse ever. Never. Ever. No matter what. If Tina was that miserable she should have told Bette or left the relationship. Sex outside of the relationship is so very wrong. Trying to justify it is simply unbelievable. What’s the line then that can’t be crossed? Does one exist?

          • Being cheated on myself, I agree, it’s awful. However it took me time to realize and accept that cheating was only the end result of so many other issues., that at given moment I wasn’t paying enough attention to. There are so many ways to be cheated on besides physical. In this story we are not justifying cheating in any way. We are just trying to show that perfect people don’t excist and can work through their issues, if love is strong enough.

            • So again, what is the bridge too far? For me? The act of sexual contact with anyone outside of the relationship is that bridge. My ex tried to blame me. Sorry you made me cheat on you. That’s Tina! Me? I left the relationship. No do over. Agree – there is no perfect couple. But the more Tina tries to deflect and shift the blame for her the act of betraying her vows? She needs to own that betrayal. Regardless of Bette working too much or not being there. These two are toxic and no amount of love can fix that.

                • Accept total responsibility for one thing. Lose the attitude. No excuses. Tina needs to come to Bette with an apology that is heartfelt. And a vow, a sincere promise and desire to move forward. Fix what is broken. No looking in the rear view mirror. No pointing. Talking. Supporting. Allowing Bette to set the tone. Bette is utterly flawed but she is so broken by Tina’s infidelity. Then: Tina was miserable? Bette was absent. Tina had a voice. She had options. Now: Blaming Bette is not an acceptable solution.

                  • Let’s see how TiBette will do all that in this story. It’s finished so I’m curious to see if we succeeded in telling the story we wanted to tell. Thank you for opening up and sharing your opinion! It’s nice to see that the story is eliciting a response. Truly appreciate reading different views and experiences.

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