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    Unconditional Love Chapter 16

    Alice, Nat and Shane were present when Tina and Bette had called Angie. The strain on both women’s faces was evident, but Shane wasn’t sure if it was solely due to Bette’s health issues. Angie took the news about what was happening pretty well. She asked a few questions, but seemed to be watching her parents more than reacting. Tina told Angie they would call everyday so she could see Bette and reassured her that they felt everything was going to be ok. When the call ended on Friday, Angie went straight to her room. Nat told both Shane and Alice to give her room to process the news. Angie, although young, was very perceptive and it was clear she picked up that the situation was very serious at least at this point because of the unknown. Nat had been very supportive of Shane, Alice and Angie throughout this whole ordeal.  She had mentioned more than once, that she was worried about Angie.  Nat kept reminding Shane and Alice that they needed to stay focused on Angie and her parents would manage themselves.  Shane was skeptical when Tina and Bette mentioned the plan to allow Angie to spend time with Jordi. Tina and Bette felt Angie needed the support of her friend as this situation unfolded and they were hoping Angie had learned her lesson with what had happened in San Francisco. Surprisingly, Angie spent most of the weekend moving between Shane’s and Alice’s houses. Angie had strong relationships with both women, but the relationships were very different in their nature.  When she needed to talk seriously, she would migrate towards Shane, when she needed to take her mind off things she went to Alice.  Angie had voiced more than once to both women that she wanted to go to New York and be with her parents. One thing was clear to both Alice and Shane, Angie’s need to be near family.

    Monday’s call came a bit later than usual but it appeared to Shane that the two women had resolved something. Both were more relaxed and the tension that was emanating from them over the last few calls was gone.

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    1. Enjoying your story very much. Wondering if the new series will actually come back for another season. No time soon to be sure. Maybe the GQ terrible writers have been reading your story. They sure need the tutorial. Glad that Bette is going to be ok. Leave it to our Peggy to cut to the chase. She adores Bette and thank God Bette has her. Figure it out Tina! Lastly, there seems to be more to the Wentworth Gallery story?

    2. Great story… no cancer….surgery seems to have gone well. Terrible time to have so much emotional upheaval. But it would appear that Bette has be suffering emotional trauma for a couple of years. So what happened? How do they avoid this from happening again?

      I understand Peggy being protective, but Bette cannot be protected by anyone else. She can only protect herself from Tina. And if she does not want to protect herself, she will not. Tina needs to make up her mind – does she want a life with Bette or not. She needs to want it more than she wants life itself before she ask her for another chance. One more try and fail would appear to be fatal for Bette. And in my opinion – accept Bette for who she is or leave and never attempt to communicate with her again – no more promises, no more compromises and disappointments and no more grass is greener elsewhere and no more anticipation or request for changes which does not originate within her own soul. Bette is who she is and she love Tina without reservation. What more could Tina want? Commit and do everything to keep that commitment. Tina! And if you cannot commit, to who she is right now, then walk away.

      Thank you for this story. It is so heart breaking to see Bette is so much emotional pain. I look forward to more

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, they slept in on bed – i guess it’s something, yeah?

      I also have mixed emotions about Peggy intrusion – from one side she told right things to Tina, but from another – Tina right – it’s not Peggy business

    4. Zhenya

      Any parent’s intrusion on their adult child’s relationship is never wanted, but always seems to happen. They can’t help themselves.

      This was fun to write.


    5. SuperK
      Great story. Glad it was not cancer. Now they can start finding their way back to each other. I totally get Peggy coming to talk to Tina and I hope she’s listening and takes it to heart. Don’t we all need a Peggy in our lives, I know I could use someone to sit me down at times and lays it on the line. Looking forward to the next chapter as Bette heals and Tina starts to figure her shit out.

    6. Thrilled that Peggie had an honest talk with Tina.

      Madamn P was 100% right to lay it out strongly to Tina that she wasn’t budding into their business, but rather was just stating her unconditional love for Bette as a daughter. It’s NOT Peggie’s fault that Tina forgot what it means to “cherish” Bette’s heart.

      Tina had put conditions on when and how she was going to love Bette and to me, that is the heart of the matter. She just needs to decide that she will faithfully love Bette.

      Bette had/has put in the effort to learn how and why she responds to many of life’s curve balls the way she does; and with therapy, she has discovered much about her personality.

      I suspect that her mini-clone, Angie has helped Bette feel the unconditional love that she has been craving from Tina.

      Seems like Tina needs to continue her own journey of discovery and soul recovery and get on with the program!

    7. SuperK,
      Wondering if our girls are having so much trouble deciding “when” to respond to the “sexual” electricity that still remains between them is because they want more than “just” sex in the relationship.

      The intimacy of emotional nourishment that they’ve known in the past may be a MUST HAVE at this point in their lives. They have got to figure out what will be the lifeblood of this new relationship.

      Angie will be off to college in a couple of years and Tibette needs to have a strong bond of admiration and longing to be a couple with a fierce-love for each other.

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