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    Unexpected Love—Chapter 1

    Chapter 1


    Bette’s POV

    I watch as my call is declined and goes straight to voicemail yet again.  I wonder if he is with another woman right now.  I have no right to be upset if he is.  I did cheat on him first.   I have no excuse even though I was lonely and vulnerable.  But I shouldn’t have stepped out on our 10 year marriage. Being a highly sought after cardiovascular surgeon took him away sometimes months at a time.  We barely spoke and I did make an effort even though I was busy with my own specialty being head of plastic surgery here at Boston General.  I had just felt ignored and instead of talking to him I fell into the arms..and the bed…of his best friend.  He left me after I confessed. Said he needed time and space and not to contact him. That’s been 4 months ago and honestly I feel we need to resolve this once and for all.  Should I fight for him or should I let him go.

    I sigh as I swirl the red wine in my glass taking a sip as my phone’s ringtone startles me out of my thoughts and I glance down seeing my old mentors name light up the screen as if making the decision for me.  I set my glass of wine down and answer it

    “Well Robert what a nice surprise”

    “How are you Bette dear?”  He says in a fatherly manner.

    Robert was my mentor at Mercy General here in Boston when I was an intern.  A brilliant surgeon and wonderful man.  They do not make them any better than him.  I know professionally he would be proud of me.  Personally he would be disappointed and frankly I’m disappointed in myself

    “Keeping myself busy” I respond keeping it short because I feel myself wanting to tear up  “How are you and Diane?” I quickly ask diverting attention from myself

    “Well Diane is trying to get me to retire but I have too much invested here at Kennard Johnson Memorial trying to turn this into one of the top teaching hospitals in Silicon Valley”

    “So I take it you aren’t retiring anytime soon and I have a feeling that you are about to make me part of that equation”

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    1. Wow… this is different…. this story perks up my interest. Never imagined both Bette and Tina as being straight… but that is entirely within the realms of possibility. I look forward to seeing where this story goes. This is exciting.

      Write more soon…

    2. Jade,
      Re-reading this new mystery, my mind is playing tricks on me. For example, Bette says she cheated “1st”, but how does she “know”???? She admits she & Jerred often go MONTHS without communication. Hmmmmmm

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