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    Unexpected Love—Chapter 1

    I look at Diane who had turned back around at that moment.

    “You go along and see your husband dear” she says and I look at her incredulously.  I am not sure how much Jarred has shared with Robert and Diane but judging by her reaction she doesn’t have a clue.  Looking at Robert his face says he knows enough

    “Well.  If you’ll both excuse me.  I need to go give my husband a big kiss” I say a little sarcasticly

    Robert says something but I tune it out making my way down the hall he disappeared into.  It was dimly lit but I could  make out his figure leaning against the wall .  As I get closer  I can hear a giggle and moan that was definitely not Jarred’s. It was a female

    My heels clacking on the floor give me away and I see Jarred turn into my direction and a woman’s silhouette appear

    I fucking knew it.

    “Who’s there?” Jarred asks nervously as I appear in front of one of the Illuminated lights and see his face turn into one of panic.

    “Hello my darling husband” I say smiling then look to the woman he was with.  She was staring at me with such a confused look I almost feel sorry for her.

    “Bette what the hell are you doing here?”

    I let out a deep throaty laugh and cross my arms

    “Is that a way to greet your wife?  I work here now.  Did Robert not tell you?”

    He looks at me horrified.  Serves him right.

    “Jarred why did she call you her husband?” The blonde asks and it’s obvious she had no clue as she pulls out of his grip waiting on an explanation

    I can’t help but find this amusing

    “Yes Jarred.  Why did I call you my husband? I ask mockingly and he glares back at me angrily before turning back to the blonde who rejects his hand as he reaches out to her

    “Tina I’m so sorry.  I’m so so sorry!” He says not even offering the woman an explanation

    “Since he is too much of a coward to explain let me introduce myself.  I’m Bette Porter-Cunningham…And you are?” I say holding out my hand to her and she looks at my hand with disgust

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    1. Wow… this is different…. this story perks up my interest. Never imagined both Bette and Tina as being straight… but that is entirely within the realms of possibility. I look forward to seeing where this story goes. This is exciting.

      Write more soon…

    2. Jade,
      Re-reading this new mystery, my mind is playing tricks on me. For example, Bette says she cheated “1st”, but how does she “know”???? She admits she & Jerred often go MONTHS without communication. Hmmmmmm

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