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    Coming Full Circle—Chapter 2

    Emma walks slightly ahead of Bette as she looks from door to door at the room numbers calling them out as she passes them “401…402…403…404…Here it is…..404”

    Bette catches up watching Emma shove the papers that were bundled in her hands under her arms and puts the key into the lock.  Before she can open it, the door swings open revealing a smiling young brunette haired girl

    “You must be Emma” she greets swinging the door fully open to allow her and Bette to enter

    “Yes…And I assume you are my roommate..Seeing as you just opened the door” Emma chuckles

    The girl nods “You are correct. I’m Taylor Huntington.  Art major and Freshman” she says and Emma smiles

    “Me too” she says reaching out her hand for Taylor to shake but instead found herself in a hug. Before Emma could hug back Taylor had released her and stepped back

    Bette couldn’t help but chuckle at them

    “I thought your name was Emma?” Taylor chuckles at herself for her lame attempt at a joke

    Emma rolls her eyes “Funny.  I mean I’m an Art major too and Freshman. Last name is Porter..This is my Mom…Bette Porter” Emma gestures at Bette who steps beside her and reaches out her hand

    “Nice to meet you Tay-“ but before she could finish Taylor bypassed her hand like she did Emma and pulled her into a quick hug and pulled away leaving Bette almost breathless

    “Really nice to meet you Ms. Porter” she says and looks at Emma before gesturing at the beds

    “I haven’t chosen which one yet.  You can choose the one you want first.  It makes no difference to me”

    Emma looks at the two beds. One was on one side of the room closer to the bathroom. The other one closer to the window. Each with their own closet

    “Are you sure?” Emma asks as Taylor nods

    “Yeah” she says and looks at her watch.  “Hey our orientation starts in 30 mins. I’m going to go ahead and get a seat. I’ll save you one ok”

    “Yes. Thanks”

    Taylor shrugs “Don’t mention it. Well it was nice meeting you Ms Porter…See you in a bit Emma” Taylor says waving as she bounces out of the room

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    1. Small world…. so many connections and they are all through Emma Porter. Its going to be an exciting college life for Emma. Hopefully some of the other problems will work out as well. Bette has no significant other… Tina has no significant other and Kit was just trying to do the right thing. Of course its a bit harsh to threaten to take a child away to get her back into Emma’s life.

      Now that Bette is going to move to the west coast, things should really get interesting.

      Liking this story a lot… thank you for this new chapter… cannot wait to see more..

    2. Love this story!

      Bette moving to LA, Emma, Tina and Kit already linked to each other.

      What Kit did was not the way to get Bette out of her grieve for her long term partner, she was threatening to take Emma from her and already had hired a lawyer, i can imagine that Bette was mad as hell and cut Kit out of their lives. The intention of Kit to pull Bette up was good but not the way she went through it. I would have cut her off to.

      Interesting story!

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