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    Walk On By—Chapter 4

    Bette’s POV

    I’m speechless.  I’m looking at Tina as if I’m not quite sure I heard her right.

    “What did you say?” I had to hear her say it again so it would make it real for me.  She’s in tears and it’s taking everything in me to not pull her into my arms.  Angie is keeping me from completely wrapping her up and holding her.

    “I’m not marrying Henry” She says with a little more confidence and still trying to choke back tears.

    “Oh Tee.  I’m not sure I understand.  I thought you were sure about this”

    “Bette?..I’m not sure about anything anymore” she says as her tears are steadily streaming down her face.  It breaks my heart to see her this way.

    I put a hand on her shoulder not really knowing what else to do at this point.  I want to hear her out if she is willing to talk to me. We shared an unbelievable bond with our love for each other but we never really confided in one another.  That type of bond was never there and I want it to be because I still love her beyond measure

    “I’m listening Tina if you want to talk about it.  I mean I’m sure it’s highly awkward but I hope the fact that we both want to build a friendship  here we can start trusting each other with our feelings again” I say hoping she can open up to me.

    I see her sit there still crying but she is looking at me as if she doesn’t know who I am.  I’m not sure what to think of it but I don’t have to wait long before she speaks

    “You are so different Bette” she says through her tears and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing so I ask her

    “I’m not sure if you are saying that it is a good thing or bad thing” I say giving her a weak smile

    “It’s a good thing.  I’ve seen the little changes in you”

    I sigh and nod “I’ve been in therapy since I moved to New York.  Working through my issues and on making myself a better person”

    She seems to light up at this.  Her tears starting to subside a bit.

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    1. Such level headed rational thinking by everyone – Bette, Tina, and Jodi. Wonder if Henry will respond in the same way? Jodi is going back to New York. Bette and Jodi have broken up. Tina and Bette have accepted their own roles in their break up. Time to start anew… Just as soon as Henry knows what’s going on.

      Thanks for the chapter…. write when you can…

    2. “We closed the door on the past today Kit. I’m looking forward to see where the present takes us and what the future has in store” I say”

      Best words i have read!!!!

      Bette and Tina had a honest talk and a breaktrough, they can finally move on and the best step is to build their friendship first before they can move forward into a relationship.

      Amical end of the relationship between Bette and Jodi, good that they had the talk and were honest. Have a good flight back to NY Jodi!

      Henry, he will not be amused and probably not response that well when Tina breaks up with him.

      Great chapter!

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