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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 3 – FRIENDSHIP

    New Pasadena, 3:30 pm. Friday, August 31, 2057. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – private office


    Melvin has summoned Dr. Giles to talk about the last developments of the war, but the main issue is the mole; Giles must know all his people, and one of them must be an alien or it is connected with an evil creature.

    Melvin: “Rupert, you must be aware of the events in my daughter’s bedchamber, one month ago; well things had been more complicated  and dangerous than we thought; I have, already, told you we discovered that the drug that affected Kennedy was intended for Buffy and the probable goal of the perpetrator was to mess the relationship between our teams and of course to sabotage our plans, this person also tried to promote the opening of new portals using an especial location’s sequence, probably in complicity with some alien entities, and if that is the case, that individual is probably non-human”

    Giles: “hmm…, what you are telling me, though amazing, doesn’t sound new…, but I thought it was only in my mind…”

    Melvin: “what…? May you be more explicit?”

    Giles: “well…, Fifty-five years ago, we defeated the first evil, but we lost many people, slayers and collaborators, however, some of us survived miraculously, and some of the survivors should be dead but they are still alive. My suspicious about infiltration has been strengthened during all these years, because all the time when we were ready to hit deathly the evil creatures, our attempts were deviated from success by strange circumstances”

    Melvin: “excuse me Rupert; may you go step by step on those events?”

    Giles, explained to Melvin that during the battle against the Uber-Vamps in the Hellmouth fifty-five years ago, strange things happened, it started with Spike, who was supposed to end dead from that battle, in fact, Buffy saw him changing into a huge source of light that killed all the primitive vampires, however, weeks later the golden hair vampire, reappeared in LA and started working with Angel; another strange case was Andrew, who was fighting side by side with Anya and apparently the experimented ex-demon girl died and the clumsy and fearful Andrew survived; another weird circumstance happened when Robin Wood was very bad injured and perished in front of Faith, but revived as soon as the slayer closed his eyes; not less odd, happened to Anya, who apparently died but came back from hell after few months; same thing occurred with two slayers Ann and Diane, who were given for dead but came back after one week from Sunnydale, the place that was destructed along with the Hellmouth. Then, Melvin asked which of them has access to the logistics and is able of giving suggestions about strategy in the group, Giles answered that all of them have voice in the meetings; Giles also commented that he doesn’t trust much in the emotional stability of Willow, who had changed since she lost her girlfriend Tara, however, if someone could help in matters of tracking a traitor, it is her, but the witch is very skeptical of the sincerity of her friends and she will need someone else she could trust on to give all the information and evidence she could gather.

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    1. Hello proteonomics, welcome back, you were finally able to tear yourself away from the other stories 😉

      I am very happy you were able to write a new chapter.

      Both Tina and Bette are a little bit fast moving with their engagement, they belong together, but are still very young and seems to handle out of fear to lose each other to someone else.

      Still don’t have a clue sometimes what you are writing about , you try very hard to explain it, but sciencefiction is so not my thing, but i really enjoy your story and will continue to read it with great interest.

      Thanks again for the update!

    2. Hi Bibi:

      Thanks for reading, I know it is a little bit hard to bring sci-fi, especially when I’m more into Sci than in fi, but I will try to be more simple in the next chapters; I know, also, that part of this story is coming from ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ and there were 5-6 years-story, and sometimes I have to summarize some of that; I hope it will get better, in ten days I will post the update. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


    3. ‘My friend proteomics.
      I am updating my reading after some time.
      I’m back .
      I loved this chapter.
      I also think it’s too early for Bette and Tina to have
      A more serious commitment, they still have no maturity to assume
      This commitment to marriage. It’s good to make the most of it.
      This moment of dating, which is very good.
      I apologize for not making a detailed comment.
      It’s just that I’m still surviving the storm I’m going through.
      Bear hug
      All universe’

      • Hi my friend:

        I’m glad that you came back, and that you liked the chapter; Bette and Tina are facing the impotence of not being able to do what they want, because they are ignoring their love ones and the civil and social order that they defend and for which they are fighting; they love each other but still need to mature; we will see how they evolve as the fight rise.
        Thank you so much for reading and commenting my friend.


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