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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 7 – FIGHTING THE EVIL

    New Pasadena, 12:30 pm. Saturday August 24, 2058. The Lucky Girl Resort – Private dining room


    The Lucky Girls Resort is currently the best tourist center in New Pasadena, it is an investment of Kit Porter in order to train herself and show her father that she could be a successful business woman; indeed, she rebuilt, rather than remodeled the place, keeping and even extending the Victorian architecture style; she bought the surrounding land and made a  luxury touristic resort, with wide gardens and exotic plants and trees very appropriate for all type of receptions, wedding parties, camping, and graduation events; at the end of the garden area, there are sports fields, one of them with bleachers for public sport competitions; there are, also, three pools for the public a big pond with small boats that shines by night with holographic multicolored lights form solar- LED source. During summer season, the resort host a huge amount of visitors not only from the town but also from the neighboring cities as Azusa Annex, New Arcadia, New Glendale, Altadena Annex, Mission and from the same New L.A. the success of the Kit’s business is not only for the excellent service, the delicious food and the wide pool of attractions but, because of the low prices.

    The complex comprises a main restaurant with a covered sidewalk connecting to a spacious Bar – nightclub with a nice stage for a music band, alive or holographic, a DJ booth with the more sophisticated equipment and special effects. The complex has also three types of accommodations, the regular bedrooms with bathrooms fully equipped, the bungalows, and the townhouse suites for groups with a large number of guests who wish to stay together.

    The main restaurant has different areas, the terraces, the inside open tables and the private dining rooms; the last ones usually used for small and medium groups of costumers; Melvin and Louise are having a lunch-conversation with Bette and Tina, in one of these private places; initially, the conversation was about how well organized is the resort in hands of Kit, and how it has nothing to envy to the huge luxury places Melvin has all over New California and Nevada Reformed State; on the contrary, Kit’s place is becoming the best option for tourist and all type of visitors and will be very important on the developed of the town after the war ends.

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    1. Great story proteonomics!

      I am happy that you are back with another chapter. It isn’t always easy for me to read due to the absence of knowing anything about science but i really love this story.

      I am fearfull for Bette and Tina and i hope for Tina she will never give up hope to find Bette back when she seems lost.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks so much for reading and commenting, you’re right, in this story, there are lots things coming from “Buffy the vampire slayer” show, and also from my own ‘harvest’.

        I hope the next three and last chapters of this story, will be a little ‘light’ in this sense.

        Thanks again for your support.


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