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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 8- ONSLAUGHT

    Beyond the Hellmouth, similar coordinates than Sunnydale, earth date, Sunday 10:00 am. November 3, 2058. Helldom Planet – Hexepolis- Headquarter of the First Evil


    As has been indicated, the Hellmouth is a wide rare portion of a wormhole containing multiple gateways to different universes and at the same time protected from the rest of the wormhole, which is connected to the lab, by a portal, and it is originally located on a planet called Helldom, where the First Evil dwells; the malign entity has his headquarters in Hexepolis the capital city of the underground Kingdom of the Evil; he has summoned some of his commanders and aids, and today they have to go through a row of information and prepare a plan of attack.

    First Evil: “I have called all of you today to discuss the battle we had around six months ago at the portal of the world of the dead, our army was destroyed by powerful weapons built by humans, we have lost one fifth of our Uber-vamps, many of our living dead and even an important group of our demons, my intel informant told me, then, that the weapons and the executors were a combined group of people of Porter and Rossi allied with Giles’ people, the slayers; however, my source also informed me that Rossi’s army is even more powerful than those slayers and they have high technology armaments developed by her students…; students that we couldn’t control and a professor we couldn’t dominate, I blame for that to General Wilkins, Tianna Buckley, and Franklin Phillips…, you three were commissioned, two years ago, to destroy Rossi by kidnapping her daughter and, on the contrary, we lost potential followers and Rossi’s child, who, I am sure it could have been an important addition to our team”

    General Wilkins: (embarrassed) “I assure you that it wasn’t my fault, Dr. Buckley was in charge of kidnapping the girl, but the friend of Franklin didn’t work”

    Franklin Phillips: (shaking) “I have done the best I could, but the boy who had to bring the girl suffered psychologic problems”

    First Evil: (annoyed) “and who was to blame for choosing such a sick boy…? Didn’t you know she was a lesbian? Why didn’t you choose a girl to do the job?”

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    1. Wow, fantastic update!

      I am worried about Bette but i have faith in you that you keep her safe and that they will stay strong and happy in love at the end.

      And please don’t let Tina cheat on her hot warrior. Maybe Glory is the spy you mentioned and i don’t have to worry about that.

      Thank you so much for for the update!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks for your nice comment Bibi; there is a spy in favor of Louise, who is in the Hellmouth, but it’s not Glory, on the contrary, she is as evil as the First; that spy in the Hellmouth is someone mentioned in chapter 1 in in the former story ‘my first time’.

        The First Evil, still, believes Robin Wood is on his side, but it is not, so Robin is no longer his spy in the Scoobie’s group.

        I’ll always try my best to save Bette and Tina, but it has a price in this story, and someone has to pay it; you’ll see who.

        I don’t know if Tina could have eyes for someone else than Bette, especially with this hot warrior garment.

        It’s only two chapters left, I’ll do my best to post them soon.
        Thanks so much again for reading and commenting.


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