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    Chapter 24

    San Francisco hotel bedroom, late night: Tina leaves the bathroom naked and turns off the light. The room is dark except for moonlight coming from the window. The table has empty plates, wine glasses almost empty, a wine bottle still open. The blonde puts the cork back in the bottle and takes a last sip of wine from her glass. She turns to the king size bed where Bette lies naked on her stomach. She gazes at her lover with a smile. Her mind recaps the events of the night. It was all so magical … sublime even! It surpassed all her fantasies. Giving herself to a woman was … transformative. Not just to a woman … to her! She couldn’t imagine any other woman.

    The closeness … the intimacy … the power that she felt coming from her … the passion that she emanated … Just like that first kiss, only more … so much more! She wanted to give all of herself to her … and she did. In her mind, she did. Her heart was inundated with the subtlest … most delicate emotions; her body, with the most acute … exquisite pleasure. It was complete abandon. She gave all of herself. In her soul, she did. At that moment, she did.

    She closes her eyes. She can still feel that pleasure traveling through her body like a tidal wave … She sighs and opens her eyes. And the source of that pleasure is right there in front of her … lying in bed … naked.

    The blonde’s eyes focus on the view in front of her. It is arousing. She bends down and crawls on the bed, sliding over her lover’s body … bare skin against bare skin. The journey is gradual, leaving behind a trail of wet kisses on the brunette’s calves … thighs … butt … up to the toned muscles of her back.  Her nipples follow the trail of her lips, touching the bronzed skin and hardening at the touch. Bette sighs deeply, her muscles involuntarily twitching here and there under the blonde’s lips. Tina smiles with delight.

    She is so beautiful …, thinks the blonde, as she caresses that chiseled back … her porcelain skin contrasting with the brunette’s golden skin under the moonlight. Her hand slides over a toned arm all the way to a more than delectable shoulder that invites a soft bite. The brunette moans. Her body is perfection, the blonde muses with a grin on her face.

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    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thanks for the chapter!

      So, movie fling, hm?) Ok, we’ll see when you lead us from there.
      And last scene of shooting sounds familiar)

      Thanks again, Merry Christmas for you, enjoy your holidays but don’t forget to return after the break with update!)

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