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    Chapter 25


    A week later


    San Francisco International Airport, morning: Bette drives her dark blue BMW to the arrival station of the airport where Tina is waiting. The brunette comes out of the car and greets her with a tight hug.

    Bette – Hi! You look wonderful!

    Tina – I missed you!

    Bette – I missed you too!

    They share a peck on the lips and a smile.

    The blonde checks her girlfriend out while she places her luggage in the trunk of the car. She is dressed in a white elegant suit that enhances the beauty of her golden skin and dark hair. The suit is perfectly complemented by a sexy, white shirt with tan stripes that hugs her body in all the right places and ends before the waistband of her pants, letting the blonde get a glimpse of her taut belly.

    They get in the car and Tina holds her hand.  

    Tina – You look delicious, by the way. Love the suit.

    The gallery owner gives her a side glance.

    Bette – Thanks, I was at the gallery.

    She drives away with a smile on her face.


    Bette’s house, morning: Bette is showing her home to Tina, a beautiful two-story home in Alamo Square. Inside, it’s pristine and elegant, with many art pieces and paintings on the wall. The blonde smiles.

    Tina – Wow … how am I not surprised that your home is so stunning?

    The gallery owner grins.

    Tina – It’s an extension of your gallery!

    Bette – Thanks! I’m glad that you’re finally here.

    She wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s waist.

    Tina – Such great art! You need to tell me all about it later.

    She kisses the brunette on the cheek.


    Bette’s bedroom, morning: Bette and Tina enter her bedroom. The brunette places the suitcase on a chair.

    Bette – I left a couple of drawers empty for you. Or you can use the closet in the guest room.

    Tina – Thanks, I don’t need it. It’s just a couple of days.

    The blonde looks at the painting on the wall with surprise. It’s Sleeping Beauty. She turns to the brunette with raised eyebrows.

    Tina – You took it out of the exhibit?!

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    1. Good to see you back dbff!!!

      Tina has to learn a lot and who better than Alice can give her a quick lesson about The L Word, but if i was Bette she should hurry back and learn Tina herself about everything.

      We know how Alice can be.

      Loved the update, thank you!!!

    2. Well, they sure aren’t wasting anymore time now are they? ;)

      Thank you for the post!! I was impatiently waiting as always. I’d personally love to see bette surprise tina with a return visit to the set. I imagine they’d still be kept a secret so it would be interesting to see what those two get up to!

      Can’t wait to see where this goes. PPS!

    3. May not be an easy transition for Tina. And wondering would Bette have turned down Helena if Tina wasn’t at home waiting.. I sure hope she would have restained..I have a feeling with their to lifes, they will be apart alot and need that trust. Which looks to be hard for Tina just from the conversation with Alice the wheels are turning. And Bette did not tell Tina that Helena wanted dinner in her room..more than a filtration, it was more of an imply. Great chapter.. im sure they will work this all out . Thank you

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