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    Chapter 28


    Ten days later


    San Francisco International Airport, evening: Alice drives her VW beetle to the arrival station of the airport. A few minutes later, Tina appears carrying her small suitcase and her laptop bag. The blonde places her suitcase on the back seat, enters the car and kisses Alice on the cheek.

    Tina – Thanks for picking me up!

    Alice – Bette had a meeting with a client!

    Tina – She told me. I could have gotten a taxi.

    Alice – Nah …

    She drives away.

    Alice – How is the movie coming along?

    Tina – Nicely but production has stopped for a few weeks because we need to wait for the fall colors. We’ve shot all the spring and summer scenes.

    Alice – So, are you staying longer?

    Tina grins.

    Tina – Yep!

    The journalist hands her a document.

    Alice – The interview! Check it out and let me know what you think. I can submit it for next month.

    The producer glances at it and presses her lips together.

    Tina – Better half of a power couple?!

    She rolls her eyes. Alice grins.

    Alice – You are!

    Tina – Umm … can we wait a little longer?

    Alice – Sure we can! I still need pictures from you and the set.

    Tina sighs.

    Tina – I can get that.


    Bette’s home, night: Bette and Tina are soaking in the Jacuzzi, the brunette between her girlfriend’s legs and resting on her chest.

    Tina – I much prefer being naked with you in warm water.

    She caresses Bette’s right shoulder and arm. The gallery owner smiles.

    Bette – Me too … (pause) What are we going to do with so much time together?

    Tina – Enjoy each other … and San Francisco.

    Bette – I can take time off here and there.

    Tina – Uh-huh. I do have to work too. (pause) Did Alice show you her article about me?

    Bette – No.

    Tina – She called us a power couple.

    The brunette chuckles.

    Tina – I asked her to postpone it. I don’t want to advertise us yet.

    Bette bites her lower lip.

    Bette – Are you concerned about being featured in a lesbian magazine?

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    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thanks for the chapter!

      But i don’t know, maybe Bette still not ready for steady relationship? Or maybe Bette need to taste her own medicine while Tina will flirt with Helena, like Bette with her friends with benefit? I hope we’ll see.

      Waiting for the next.

    2. Bibi28 says

      Only 40 chapters, man that is sad for us 😯

      It is difficult for Tina to see all those woman around Bette, but she needs to trust Bette. Bette has only eyes for her.

      Love how Tina still turns Helena down, i can’t blame Helena, Tina is one hot lady!

      They are still early in their relationship, a little bit jealousy on both parts is understandable, it is more important how they will deal with it.

      Loved the update, thank you!!!

    3. Jane says

      Tina has a LOT to learn about lesbian relationships. Even if couples break up for whatever reason many of them can remain as friends. It’s part of the process of discovering who you are, what you want and need and more importantly commonalities and goals.

    4. Angel1981 says

      Thank you for the update!

      I think maybe Bette needs to give more attention to her girfriend, than all women in the bar or in the restroom. Or Tina might recieve this attention from someone else.

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