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    Chapter 26

    The Planet, afternoon: Alice and Tina are still talking when Helena comes in holding hands with a barely legal young blonde woman, and dressed in black leather pants, a black tank top and a black jacket. As they pass by the two women, Alice stands up hardly containing her excitement.

    Alice – Hi, Helena!

    The English woman stops and frowns, not recognizing her.

    Alice – I’m Alice … Alice Pieszecki, remember? Bette … Porter introduced me to you a few months ago?

    The English woman nods but does not seem to remember.

    Alice – I’ve called your office more than once trying to get an interview with you for SanFran Lesbians.

    Helena finally seems to recognize the journalist.

    Helena – Ahh … I’ve been travelling too much recently.

    Alice – Are you going to stay in San Francisco for a while?

    The English woman averts Alice’s intense look.

    Helena – I have not made plans yet.

    She suddenly notices Tina who is sitting at the table watching the stunning Brit with a beautiful accent dismiss Alice’s overt eagerness.

    Alice – We may be able set up an interview before you leave.

    The English woman’s deep green eyes focus on the producer with interest, her face softening with a charming smile. The blonde returns a polite smile. Helena turns to her young companion.

    Helena – Why don’t you go ahead and get us a table.

    Young companion – OK.

    Helena – And please order English tea, with a slice of lemon and biscuits. Marina knows what I like. I shall join you in a minute.

    Young companion – OK.

    She leaves. Helena speaks to Alice while gazing at Tina.

    Helena – And who is this lovely friend of yours?

    Alice – Oh, this is a close friend, Tina Kennard!

    The English woman extends her hand to Tina.

    Helena – How do you do? I am Helena Peabody!

    The producer shakes her hand.

    Tina – Nice to meet you!

    Helena’s intense green eyes gaze into hazel eyes.

    Alice – Tina is a movie producer as well, Helena!

    Helena – Ohh …

    Tina stands up. Helena looks her up and down.

    Helena – How marvelous …

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    1. proteonomics says

      Hi D:

      Great chapter as always; hope Helena won’t interfere between them as usual, but maybe it is unavoidable.
      Like the scene in the waterfall, and how Bette opens her heart to Tina about her past.
      Thanks for posting, waiting for the next one.


    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi dbff,

      Wonderful chapter, loved the waterfall scene and Bette open up to Tina.

      Helena, we are gonna get a little trouble in the future for the couple? She is a spoiled brat and needs to grow up.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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