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    Chapter 30

    Western Skies Ranch, morning: Kit is standing outside her Jeep in front of the location for her summer camp when a black truck approaches and stops behind her car. She turns to watch as the door opens and a handsome African American man in his fifties comes out, wearing a jacket with a “Williams Construction” logo.

    Oh my …, she thinks, as the man walks over to her with a grin.  

    Man – Mrs. Porter?

    She has heard his deep voice over the phone but seeing the man behind the voice makes it sound even more masculine to her ears.

    Kit – Hello!

    She extends a hand that he firmly shakes.

    Man – Nice to meet you, ma’am! Malcolm Williams, at your service.

    Kit – Nice to meet you too, Mr. Williams!

    He turns to the stretch of land in front of them.

    Malcolm – So this is the location! It’s beautiful, Mrs. Porter!

    It certainly is, she muses, admiring his beauty.

    Kit – Thank you! It’s Ms. Porter, by the way.

    Malcolm – Oh … I’m sorry, ma’am!

    Kit – No problem! (pause) I’m eager to start this process, Mr. Williams. I hope that you can give me a quote as soon as possible!

    Malcolm – If you don’t mind me asking, Ms. Porter, how many companies are you in talks with?

    Kit – Three! And I already have two very good quotes. But you were highly recommended by the Denver Mayor’s Office for your work with inner city parks.

    Malcolm – I appreciate the Mayor’s support. It is a passion of mine!

    Kit – Then you’ll fit right in with this project!

    She smiles.

    Kit – Let me show you around!

    Malcolm – Yes, ma’am!

    She chuckles.

    Kit – I’m not a fan of formalities and I’m not that old! Call me Kit, Malcom!

    Malcolm – Yes, Kit!

    She walks toward the trail and he follows.


    Western Skies Ranch, afternoon: Kit and Tina are talking on the porch.

    Kit – It’s been so quiet, here! When are they coming back?

    Tina – They will start returning next week.

    Kit – And how is my baby sis?

    The blonde smiles.

    Tina – She is great!

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    1. Ok, i’m ready to comment again – must say i’m very disappointed in Tina, first obstacle and she is just give up. It’s not about Wendy – she just little spoiled brat, it’s about Tina, who chose her carier over Bette. Yes, the situation was not easy, but Tina’s choise was just wrong.
      I undersant that the story have still 10 chapters, but how ever Bette can forgive Tina – i just don’t know. Maybe they just too different in this story and just can’t be together after all? I guess we’ll find out.

    2. Ok, lets see if i get it right.

      Tina basically said Wendy that her (Tina) relationship with Bette was just a crush and to prove it Tina humiliated Bette in Wendy trailer. After that i can say only – “Fuck you Tina”
      I wonder if Kit can stay loayl to Bette and throw away all movie cast with Tina from ranch?
      And second, in future, if Tina would ask Bette for forgiveness, can Bette answer to her Tina’s words “What part of NO did you not understand”?

      • Angel1981, I refrain from discussing opinions, but need to make a comment: Tina more than once in the story mentioned Wendy’s crush for Bette, including to Brian in a previous scene of this chapter. It’s safe to assume that this is what she meant regarding the word “crush”, not her relationship with Bette which she hasn’t denied to Wendy.

        • How Tina said – “I would not put crush ahead of my professional integrity” and she chose her work over her realationship with Bette. So i see for her that just the same.
          And i think she did very stupid choise because now she without Bette and her work complitly depended from Wendy wishes

    3. This story has been ruined for me. Tina screwed up and should have allowed Bette to talk to Wendy. I am not liking this plot twist at all. Bette and Tina should have not broken up over that imbecile POS Wendy.. Tina should have let Wendy go, hired another acttress and sued the hell out of Wendy.😡

    4. One more thing. At this point Tina has hit rock bottom to me. She is more concerned anout her job and production costs than she is about Bette and their relationship. She is very selfish and so wrong. At this point she is going to have. to fight like hell to get Bette back and will be lucky if she does. I hope you can fix this. Maybe she really is having a straight girl’s “burp.”

    5. A wanna say another thing.

      I think Tina desicion was huge mistake and for her job too. Why? Because Tina made her job fully dependent from Wendy wishlist. It’s very dangerous for business. Now Wendy know what she wants – she get. What if tomorrow she’ll wants change the script, or more money, or that Tina sleep with her or something else? Where the limit until Tina whould fulfill her wishes?

    6. Wow, didn’t expect this!

      That Wendy is one spoiled brat, a bitch and need to grow up.

      I am very disappointed in Tina, giving up on Bette because of that little spoiled bitch. Sure, it is hard and also new for her, but she should have talked to Bette and maybe they could have found a salution.

      She needs to show Bette that she worth of her love and she needs to start right away with it if she wants Bette back.

      Poor Bette, she didn’t deserved the way Tina acted.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

    7. Wow, how did this little brat gain so much power? And, it seems all the people that should be the grown ups just caved to her. I am most disappointed in Tina, although having experienced a similar situation with my ex I know when faced with such dire consequences…career, company, people depending on you….this can happen. In my situation I knew she would never come back although I hoped she would….but if she had I am not sure I would have forgiven her! At some point in our lives we must decide what we need the most….in this case, as in mine, when love and a relationship are trumped for money and career it not only breaks your ravished your soul! I am revisiting my grieving from this chapter and I am unsure how this story will end happily but more importantly believable!

    8. I think Tina is being unselfish in many ways. She is not just thinking about herself but of all the people who will be out of work. She has a lot of responsibility for other people she has to think about. She wasn’t saying Forever but just till the movie was finished.

      • Who is to say that the crew would lose their jobs if Wendy quit? Tina could have hired another actress and refilmed Wendy’s parts. It happens quite a bit in HWD when actors have their hissy fits. These actors suddenly find themselves blacklisted and will not find more work.

    9. Oh dbff looks like you have opened a can of worms from the reaction you are getting from this chapter.. I for one like a little drama in my story and i trust you have aready written a way out of it..guys Tina said she just need a little time to figure this out.. no she didnt have the best answer but it was the best she had with such short notice.. and Bette was the ine not willing to wait for her or give her that time and handle it herself.. she pouted its her first real relationship not sure herself what to do.. but i think it will all work out and brat will get hers..thank you dbff..great chapter

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