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    Chapter 32

    Tina’s hotel room, night: Tina is on the phone. After a few rings, the answering machine engages.

    Bette’s voice – This is Bette Porter. Please leave your message after the beep and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

    The beep is heard.

    Tina – Baby, please … why won’t you call me back? We need to talk … with clear heads … please …

    She hangs up the phone and sighs.


    Tina’s hotel bedroom, night: Tina is in bed crying, looking at Bette’s picture on her computer when the phone rings. She is startled and sighs, picking up the phone.

    Tina – Hello?

    Alice – What the hell happened?!

    Tina – Al …?

    Her voice cracks.

    Alice – What the fuck happened, Tee?

    Tina – A disaster …

    Alice – I just took her home. She is a mess!

    The producer sobs.

    Alice – Oh fuck! You are a mess too? What the hell did she do?!

    Tina – She got very upset … fucking lost her mind … I fucking lost my mind …

    Alice – Why?! Talk to her, for fuck’s sake!

    Tina – She won’t answer my calls …

    Tears run down her face.

    Alice – Then you’d better come over here tomorrow and fix this!

    Tina – I can’t! Fucking Wendy is watching me like a hawk!

    Alice – Who is fucking Wendy?

    Tina – Wendy Taylor.

    Alice – The actress?! What the hell does Wendy Taylor have to do with this?

    Tina – Bette didn’t tell you?

    Alice – No! She didn’t fucking tell me anything!

    She raises her eyebrows.

    Alice – Oh shit! Don’t tell me that Bette fucked Wendy Taylor!

    Tina – Noooo, no … they just kissed …

    Alice – Fuck, Bette! I’m going to strangle her!

    Tina – Noooo … it was before us!

    Alice – Then what the hell happened, Tee?!

    Tina – It is all my fault. I fucked up! She saw me leaving …

    Alice – You fucked Wendy Taylor?! I’m going to kill you, Tee!!

    Tina – Goodness, nooo! Noooo!

    Alice – Tell me! Take a deep breath and tell me what the fuck happened!

    Tina sighs, wiping her tears away.  

    Tina – I’ll tell you …

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    1. Hi! Thanks for the new update!

      Still don’t like Tina’s side of story about break up – like it’s all Bette fault (what you expected – you telling her it’s break or break up and that you don’t even have time to discuss the situation, and you don’t even know how long break can be. Of course Bette chose break up in that condition). But Tina might have some points for Charlie.

      And i like all situation with painting!

      Waiting for the next!

    2. Thank you for the chapter! Great update!

      In the chapter i fell most sorry for Bette and of course for Charlie. But not for Tina – it’s her fault and she needs to fix it. And with Charlie she did a good job i must say.

      But i have a feeling that Alice did very bad favour when she tell Helena about Tibette break up.

    3. Hi dbff,

      I agree with you, Bette has a lot of layers and i would love to see that you show us her side and vulnerabilities.

      Hmm, Tina, i don’t agree 100% with her side of the story about their break up. It sounds to me like she put the blame on Bette’s to much. I can understand why Tina made the decision to put a hold on their relationship but the way she made that decision known to Bette was pretty harsh and Bette didn’t get a chance to react anyway.

      On a lighter note, i loved that Tina send the picture back!!! And Bette talking and muttering to herself and to the painting.!!!

      Alice, when will she learn to keep her mouth shut!!! Helena is going to try to seduce Tina now. The utter bitch.

      I will try to be patient and let the story play out, but please, please don’t let Tina fall in Helena’s arms?!

      Sorry, will wait patiently 😉

    4. Great Chapter. Lol very cute with the painting…and Tina chasing Charlie was funny..glad she didn’t lose him.. their both thinking of each other so the love is not gone.. both just need to step back and figure this out..Tina should push Helena on wendy.. but i have a feeling that brat will sniff Helena out all on her own.. make her forget about Bette… time will tell..thank you.. waiting for more.

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