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    Chapter 34

    Ranch house, morning: Kit leaves the house holding a jar of honey and walks over to her Jeep when Tina approaches.

    Tina – Kit!

    Kit – Hi Tina!

    Tina – Hi!

    Kit – Have you talked to baby sis yet?

    The blonde sighs frustrated.

    Tina – No …

    Kit – Don’t worry! She will come around.

    Tina – I don’t know Kit …. I’m starting to feel that she won’t call.

    Kit – You guys would be on a break anyway, right?

    Tina – I didn’t choose this kind of break, Kit.

    Kit – I know … I need to give her a piece of my mind!

    Tina nods sadly.

    Tina – Anyway, I wanted to ask you … Do you mind if I bring an investor to the ranch? She is interested in possibly investing in my company and wanted to visit the set. I will take her to Breckenridge but would like to show her our facilities here at the ranch.

    Kit – Oh, sure Tina! A woman investor is always welcome! We need more of them in this world!

    Tina – Yes, she is a big shot billionaire!

    Kit – Anyone famous?

    Tina – Not in the US. She is English.

    Kit – You can bring her, yes. If you want, I can give her a tour of the ranch.

    Tina – Thank you, but it’s not necessary, Kit! I just want her to see our production facilities and a couple of scenes being filmed.

    She glances at the jar full of honey.

    Tina – This looks good!

    Kit – Oh … it’s for Malcolm! I’m gonna give him some of my honey.

    The blonde raises an eyebrow.

    Tina – Who is Malcolm?

    Kit – Oh, he is the owner of the construction company building my camp!

    Tina – Ahh … Bette told me! The one easy on the eyes?

    The ranch owner grins.

    Kit – So easy …

    Tina smiles.

    Tina – Is he single?

    Kit – Divorced … two kids in college.

    Tina – Promising …

    Kit – But I promised Bette that it would remain professional!

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – By giving him your honey?

    Kit – Umm … that didn’t sound right, did it?

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    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thanks for the new update!

      First – i’m still on the Bette’s side about break-up. Alise, when you trying to convence Bette by telling about her business – “What if she demanded that you shut down your exhibit, your livelihood, because of … pick a reason! ” you not right. Because it’s not Bette demanded from Tina to shut down her movie. Right words need to be something “What if Bette’s lead painter/sculptor on next show demanding from Bette to stop dating Tina”. I think Bette would telling this artist to fuck off.

      Second – Tina i think you know if you want Helena money you need to give her much more than rancho tur. We will see how you acting in Aspen, but i would not be surprise if Tina will trying to earn this money in Helena’s bed. Tina already showed that for her her business always will be on the first place.

      Waiting for the next!

    2. Jane says

      Bette needs to get on the next plane and get back to the ranch ASAP. Helena will be making a full run on Tina and Tina appears to be ready to respond. Nice writing and thanks for the chapter.

    3. Bibi28 says

      Sometimes Alice surprises me in a good way, i hope she get through Bette and that Bette will call Tina or better jump on the plain to the ranch.

      Helena put all the moves on Tina who seems clueless about it. I never liked Helena, maybe after she spend time after jail.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    4. Angel1981 says

      We will see what happen in Aspen. I must disagree with Bibi – i think Tina perfectly understand what Helena wants from her. Because if she really think that it’s usual practices for Helena – gives her money on the left and right to any small Hollywood company and gives her cars and personal jet for everyone – Tina must be really stupid.

    5. Dr. A says

      Wake up, Bette! ‘Atta way to go, Alice! Tell lt like it is! Really want somebody to slap
      the childish and vindictive Wendy for both Bette and Tina! Can hardly wait to see
      what happens next with this situation, as well as what Helena’s next moves on Tina
      are going to be, and what Bette will do or say about that! Little doubt, volcano Bette
      may re-emerge and some fur will fly, if the claws come out…woohoo!😣😥😏

    6. BnTinmyhead says

      Great Chapter.. and i think Alice was spot on. Shes a good friends. And Bette sees all that for herself I think. She was just hurt and thats harder to deal with than the break Tina was asking for. Her heart is on the line for the first time and didnt know how to deal with it. So she ran. I Don’t see Tina going with Helena. I think she has her number. But Bette not responding to her she might go just for the hell of it . But she would never sleep with her just fir the money. Tina’s not like that. She loves Bette and will wait for her. Thank you waiting on Bette’s call.

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