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    The brunette feels a wave of electricity travelling down her body, bringing moisture and throbbing between her legs. How many nights had she spent awake reliving these sensations that only Tina can produce in her? Tina, Tina, Tina … how many nights had she whispered those words hoping for her presence, for her touch, for her body, a body that is now ensconced in her arms asking to be taken, begging to be pleasured, demanding to be fucked.  She obliges, as she always does to the blonde’s demands, unable to resist, incapable of being immune to her.

    Tina – Bette …

    And as the blonde says her name, time stands still:  she answers to no other voice, no other call, no other plea, no other lips pronouncing her name. She belongs to Tina in those moments; she gives herself to her lover fully and completely, with waves of pleasure overcoming the brunette as Tina surrenders to her, as the blonde’s emotions reach a peak, with guttural screams and laughter in an explosive orgasm.

    Tina silences and her muscles relax. The only signs of life are her heartbeat against Bette’s chest and her unsteady breathing. The blonde rests against her lover for a while and the brunette is content in holding her. She smiles.

    Bette – You were loud …

    Tina – It’s your fault for leaving me hot and bothered for so long.

    Bette – At least we are safe: you scared all the predators!

    The blonde laughs. They rest for a while longer, the blonde’s heartbeat finally slowing down, her breathing becoming peaceful.  She sighs.

    Tina – I lied to you … I was not cold … but I am now! Frigging cold!

    The brunette smiles and hugs her closer, placing the coat over her skin.

    Tina – And I had no intentions of being strictly professional with you on this trip.

    Bette chuckles.

    Bette – I don’t even know where your lies begin or end.

    The blonde looks at her with heavy eyelids and gives her a soft kiss on the lips.

    Tina – You are my truth …

    She closes her eyes. Bette closes hers with a contented smile.


    Cave Mountains, night: Bette is holding Tina while she sleeps. The brunette looks at the stars and the moon … and the woman in her arms. She can’t deny any longer. She can’t hide from her feelings. Being there with her … holding her again … smelling her scent … her heart is overflowing with joy. She removes a strand of hair from the blonde’s face and gazes at her. You are the woman I want, she thinks with a soft smile on her face, and I’m going to fight for you.

    Bette – I love you …

    She whispers and kisses the blonde on her cheek.

    Tina sighs and stirs.

    Tina – Mmmm … did I fall asleep?

    Bette – Uh-huh … a little.

    Tina – Are you coming on to me?

    Bette smiles.

    Bette – I could … but no …

    She gives her a gentle kiss.

    Bette – I was just enjoying this moment with you …

    The blonde smiles.

    Bette – How did you like your first nightstand?

    Tina – That was not a nightstand, baby.

    Bette – What was it?

    Tina – To me … it was you and I … making love.

    She caresses Bette’s face.

    Tina – I can’t pretend that it’s not.

    She gives the brunette a soft kiss.

    Tina – I love you … I love you, baby. And I can’t be without you any longer.

    Bette’s eyes well up with tears.

    Bette – Ohh Tee … I love you too!

    The blonde grins and wipes a tear from Bette’s face.

    Bette – I love you so much!

    They kiss and hug closer.

    Bette – I don’t want to lose you ever again! It was torture!

    Tina looks into her eyes.

    Tina – You never lost me, baby … not for one second.

    The brunette bites her lower lip.

    Bette – What about Helena, Tee?

    Tina – What about her?

    Bette – Weren’t you dating her?

    Tina – No!

    She chuckles.

    Tina – Why would you think that?!

    Bette sighs with a smile.

    Bette – It doesn’t matter … a nightmare I had … but it’s over!

    She passionately kisses her girlfriend and tops her.



    1. Yaayyy!!! Finally bette n tina back together again…way to go tina..fight for your love one.. :)
      Just wish the movie finished sooner rather than later..wendy is such a pain in the a** :(
      Thank you for the update..I love how playfull n sneaky tina was in this chapter :p

    2. Thanks dbff. Cute chapter. Tina got her woman back. Let’s see how she speaks her “truth” once they get back down the mountain. Looking forward to how she handles the Wendy situation.

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