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    Chapter 44

    Mountain creek, early morning: Tina runs out of the creek naked and dries herself off with a towel as Bette approaches, drinking a cup of tea.

    Bette – I came to see if the current had dragged you away.

    She smirks and embraces the blonde’s naked body.

    Tina – The water is frigging cold. You should have joined me and kept me warm.

    Bette – I already bathed while sleeping beauty was still dreaming.

    She nuzzles her neck and slides her hand to the blonde’s butt.

    Bette – You look yummy …  

    Tina – Mmmm … I think I was dreaming last night.

    They kiss, a sensual, slow kiss.

    Tina – I missed this … Let’s stay here forever …

    She nuzzles the brunette’s neck.

    She chuckles when Bette pinches her butt and takes a sip of tea from her girlfriend’s cup.

    Tina – Mmmm … heaven! (pause) Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?

    Bette – I didn’t want someone accusing me of girlfriend abuse again.

    The blonde smirks.

    Tina – Too late … you abused me all night.

    Bette chuckles, her low throaty chuckle.

    Bette – I didn’t hear any complaints …

    The blonde looks at her with wistful eyes.

    Tina – How I missed this sexy chuckle …

    She wraps her arms around the brunette’s neck and brings her in for a kiss.


    Mountain creek, early morning: Bette and Tina walk back to the camp site, the trail surrounded by tall wild grass.  

    Tina – This grass is sooo beautiful!

    She falls over the tall grass, her towel opening up showing her naked body.

    The brunette stops with a smirk.

    Bette – What are you doing now?

    Tina – I’ve always wanted to do this.

    She smiles mischievously and extends a hand.

    Tina – Com’ere … pick me up!

    The brunette grabs her hand and is yanked down with a scream, falling on the grass.

    Tina laughs and rolls on top of her.

    Tina – Isn’t it soft?

    Bette – You are soft …

    She slides her hands over the blonde’s butt.

    The blonde kisses her on the lips, soft kisses that turn into a prolonged, passionate kiss. She breaks the kiss and nuzzles Bette’s neck.

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    1. Great chapter dbff!!!

      I am glad they talked it out about Helena and Jule. Honesty is so important and i hope they will continu to communicate.

      👍 Up for Brian!!! Wendy is a spoilt brat and i hope for her she will not cause more trouble for Tina if she wants to be a acctress any longer.

      I enjoyed the chapter very much, thank you!!!

    2. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Good conversation between them. And Wendy promlem seems solved. But i don’t understand – Bette suggest that they officially moving together, or Tina will be travelling between two cities – SF and LA?

    3. So sad that this story will come to an end..
      A sequel does sound good tho.. we could see how bette’s n tina’s life in between San Fransisco n they manage to maintenance their relationship ;)
      But either way..i hope you will still write a nice story for us to read.. :)
      Tks again..

    4. This chapter left me with a huge smile on my face and some warm fuzzy feelings! I don’t want to let this Bette and Tina go just yet! Thank you so much for this story and I hope in the near future we can get a sequel!

    5. Aawwww very sweet.. I loved it.

      Brian tagged her ass.. and shes so childish… so funny she was tearing upbher oun place.. mom will tag her

      Glad they have worked everything out. So much love finally spelled out. Thank you

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