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    Chapter 46


    A week later


    The Planet, morning: Bette and Tina enter the café holding hands. Alice waves at them from her table. They approach her with smiles on their faces.  

    Alice – Ahh … mommy and mommy are together again! I can finally die a happy child!

    She grins.

    Bette – Hi, Al!

    She sits down.

    Tina – Hi, Al! How are you?

    She kisses her friend.

    Alice – I’m in love!

    Tina – Wow! Who is she?

    She sits down.

    Alice – It’s a he! Cute, cute, cute …

    Tina – Oh, wow! I’m impressed!

    The brunette smirks, shaking her head.

    Bette – They just had a cup of coffee the other day.

    Tina – How did you meet him?!

    Alice – In traffic! I hit him from behind!

    Tina – What?!

    Alice – It was love at first hit!

    Her friends chuckle.

    Tina looks around.

    Tina – Where is he?

    Alice – Well … I don’t think he would enjoy coming to a lesbian café.

    Bette – No kidding!

    She rolls her eyes.

    Tina – Maybe we can go out with him next time.

    Bette – Don’t worry! By the time you come back, he’ll be gone!

    Alice squints, feigning annoyance.

    Alice – She is jealous of my flexible sexuality!

    Bette – The only flexible thing about your sexuality is your ability to do splits!

    Tina raises an eyebrow and turns to the brunette.

    Tina – Do tell!

    Bette – Not with me, thank God! She once dated a gymnast who trained her on how to do splits.

    Alice grins.

    Alice – Ohhh yeaaahh … that was sooo good! Fucking painful but good!

    Tina laughs.


    Four weeks later


    Bette Porter Gallery, evening: Bette and Giuliana look stunning while talking to each other on the opening night of the sculptor’s exhibit. The gallery owner wears a Valentino black suit, while the sculptor wears a body-hugging Champagne sequin Versace dress fit for a model, including a sexy thigh slit.

    Jule – Is she coming?

    Bette – Yes!

    Jule – You look happy!

    The gallery owner grins.

    Bette – I am, Jule!

    Jule – You know … you are making me envious. You make me think that there is more to this game of love!

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    1. Thank you for the great story!

      Yeah, i was the one who was not pleased when you broke up our girls, but maybe they needed this experience to appreciate what they had and have.

      So, thank you again for the finale and if you decided to give us another story – i definitely will read it.

    2. Amazing story!

      It was a lovely and bumpy road but finally they are where they are supposed to be.

      I hope you will grace us with a sequel or new story.

      Thank you so much for this story!

    3. Beautiful loved the talk and walk with Bette and Tina. It was so loving and sweet. Love that Minnie and Charlie had a baby.. so cute.. all Tina’s fault… she was pining way for Bette while those two were taking advantage of their time alone lol.. glad Kit has her kids ranch open…Helen and Bette hope they will be happy together lol..

      Thank you for your time and this great story. Look forward to your next story when and if you find the inspiration for a new one.

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