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    Chapter 8




    Joanna – My place or your cabin?

    The rancher smiles.

    Bette – Your place is closer.

    Joanna – Follow me!



    Ranch house porch, dawn: Tina is up early working on the movie. Equipment is being set up again facing the main house. She sits by the porch drinking a cup of coffee and checking emails when the small blue Jeep arrives. Bette gets out of the Jeep still wearing the same clothes of the previous night at the bar. Natalie is walking by on her way to the production office.

    Natalie – Morning, Bette!

    The brunette turns around.

    Bette – Morning … Nat, right?

    Natalie grins.

    Natalie – Yes! Enjoy your day!

    Bette – You too!

    She walks up the steps of the porch in a hurry and does not immediately notice the blonde at the Northeast corner of the porch.

    Tina – Good morning!

    Bette looks surprised.

    Bette – Morning!

    She opens the door to the house. Tina speaks under her breath.

    Tina – Or is it a good night?

    Bette stops and turns around.

    Bette – Excuse me?

    The blonde drinks her coffee.

    Tina – I just said that you are up early this morning.

    Bette looks at her in silence and leaves. Tina shakes her head.

    Tina – More like you are up late …


    Western Skies Ranch, late morning: The movie crew and cast are getting ready to film a few scenes around the house and stable while the incessant sound of a chainsaw can be heard.

    Brian – That’s not going to work for us!

    The blonde sighs looking toward the forest on the Southwest side of the house.

    Tina – Nope! I’ll check.

    She makes her way across the patio to the side of the house. In the forest, fifty yards away, she sees Bette cutting down a mid-sized dead pine tree with a chainsaw while Jim uses a hatchet to remove branches from a fallen tree a few yards from her. The blonde watches as the brunette’s tree falls to the ground. She waves to Jim and beckons him over. The brunette proceeds to remove branches from the fallen tree using the chainsaw. Jim approaches the producer.

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    1. Love this story!

      Tina did the right thing to apoligize to Bette.

      They both are feeling each other and will slowly and steady connect.

      Wendy isn’t the only girl who has a crush on Bette, you can count me in 😍

      Thanks for the update!

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