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    Chapter 6




    Not seeing the brunette, Tina bumps into her as she turns around to return to her room and cold water drops all over Bette’s chest and belly.

    Bette – Fuck!

    Tina – Oh, shit! You scared me!


    Kit turns on the light in the kitchen.

    Kit – What is happening here?

    The two women turn to the kitchen door startled. Kit looks at Bette’s wet tank top.



    Ranch house kitchen, night: Kit chuckles.

    Kit – What happened to you??

    Bette – Your guest dropped water on me.

    Tina – It was an accident … I didn’t see her in the dark.

    The brunette smirks.

    Bette – And I didn’t know she was in my house!

    Her older sister gives her a stern look.

    Kit – Is it time for you go to your room?

    The two sisters stare at each other. Bette acquiesces, slowly turning around not before glancing at the blonde. She leaves the kitchen.

    Kit – Good night to you too!

    She turns to the movie producer.

    Kit – Was she harassing you?

    Tina – No … She is upset that I invaded her privacy. She is right! I shouldn’t have.

    Kit – It’s not your fault. I made that choice!

    She makes a dismissive gesture with her hand.

    Kit – Don’t worry about her. She barks but holds no grudges.

    She looks Tina up and down.

    Kit – Specially against pretty girls like you!

    She chuckles. The blonde looks embarrassed.

    Tina – I’m sorry. I didn’t bring a robe. I thought everyone was sleeping.

    Kit – That one is a night owl! (pause) I heard her inviting you for a painting.

    The producer presses her lips together.

    Kit – Baby sis does not use models. She paints from experience … if you know what I mean!

    Tina – She was just being sarcastic!

    Kit – Oh well, let me tell you something: it’s her middle name when she loses control. And right now, she is not in control! Don’t let her intimidate you!

    Tina nods slightly.

    Kit – I’m going to bed! Do you need anything?

    Tina – I’ll get some water and will do the same.

    Kit – Good night, Tina!

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    1. Hi dbff

      Thanks for this very nice chapter, I see the plot is getting very interesting. I bet Tina feels uneasy and a little angry and she doesn’t know why. I think she is attracted to Bette. Waiting for your update.


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