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    Chapter 10

    Ranch house porch, night: Danny repeatedly knocks on the house front door. A few minutes later, Kit opens it.

    Danny – Miss Kit, Jim asked me to tell you that the pregnant llama is in labor.

    Kit – Oh, really?

    Danny – But it is a difficult one, Miss Kit! And Dr. Harmon is out of town.

    Kit – Oh my … Danny, please go get Bette in the cabin! Tell her to come help!

    Danny – Yes, Miss Kit!

    He rushes to his truck and drives away while Kit runs to the stable.


    Bette’s cabin, night: Danny drives to the cabin and knocks on the door. Bette opens the door with a frown, wearing shorts and a tank top.

    Bette – What happened, Danny?

    Danny – Hi Bette, our pregnant llama has been in labor since daylight. Dr. Harmon is out of town and Kit asked me to come pick you up.

    She sighs.

    Bette – OK. Come in! Let me get dressed and we will go!

    She runs inside while he waits.


    Ranch stable, late night: Bette and Jim are kneeling next to the llama while wearing long plastic gloves in their hands. Kit and Danny watch.

    Bette – I think it’s in the right position now.

    Jim – Yes, I can see the legs.

    Jim proceeds to help pull the foal out, while Bette gently presses on the llama’s belly.

    Bette – C’mon, vanilla, push … c’mon!

    Jim – It’s coming …

    He grabs the baby’s two legs and pulls them. The little head shows up.

    Jim – Oomph …

    The little cria finally comes out and falls on the ground. Kit screams with joy. The brunette caresses vanilla’s face.

    Bette – Phew! You did it, vanilla!

    The mamma llama comes close to the cria and sniffs the almost white baby.

    Kit – Aww … he is the cutest thing!

    Bette – Yes!

    She smiles.


    Western Skies Ranch, early morning: Tina is walking around wearing sandals, looking at the scenery at the back of the production cabin and drinking coffee before the crew arrives, when she sees Kit in the llama corral. She stops by the corner of the corral.

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