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    Chapter 12

    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is in her office on her laptop when Jen lightly knocks and comes in.

    Jen – You asked me to tell you about Wendy?

    The producer looks up at her with a frown.

    Tina – What is it now?

    Jen – Nat told me that she keeps beer in her trailer.

    Tina shakes her head.

    Tina – She can’t keep beer in her trailer!

    Jen – I know! What do you want me to do?

    Tina – Go tell her! She has to clean up her act. She can’t drink on the set!


    Western Skies stable, morning: Bette arrives at the stable galloping Charlie. She dismounts and enters the stable.


    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is on the phone when Jen comes in, looking distraught.

    Tina – OK … I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

    She hangs up and frowns.

    Jen – What happened?

    Jen sighs.

    Jen – You don’t want to know. She cursed me like a sailor and slammed the door on me.

    The producer squints and shakes her head.  

    Tina – Oh no, she didn’t …

    She stands up.

    Tina – Let’s go!


    Western Skies stable, morning: As Jen and Tina cross the patio toward Wendy’s trailer, Bette and Danny are leaving the stable. They mount their horses. The producer stops and waves. The rancher approaches her on Charlie.  

    Tina – You’re back!

    Bette – I’m helping Danny herd the cattle to the pasture.

    Tina – Ahh … a cowgirl after all!

    The cowgirl smiles charmingly. The blonde caresses Charlie’s face.

    Tina – Hi, handsome!

    Jen – He is so beautiful!

    Tina turns to the rancher.

    Tina – Good luck!

    Bette – Thanks!

    She tips her hat to the women and trots away.

    Jen – Natalie is right! She is so sexy!

    The producer turns to her with raised eyebrows.

    Jen – I always had a thing for cowboys.

    Tina – I have news for you … she’s a cowgirl!

    Jen shrugs.

    Jen – Even sexier!

    Tina turns to look at the cowgirl as she trots away.

    Tina – Let’s go!

    They make their way to the trailer while the cowgirl and cowboy ride toward the valley herding the heads of cattle.

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    1. Thanks for the chapter!

      I love how this story is being written, the teasing and slow burn.

      They are both flirting and i like how Tina talks with Minnie about Charlie and Bette!

      Thanks again!

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