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    Chapter 14

    Tina’s office, morning: Tina is in her office when someone knocks.

    Tina – Come in!

    Bette opens the door.

    Bette – Morning!

    The blonde stands up with a smile.

    Tina – Morning!

    She approaches the rancher and extends her hand.

    Tina – Thanks for coming!

    They shake hands.

    Bette – Sure!

    Tina – I have informed my company and they will send a contract this morning. We can discuss it before you leave.

    Bette – OK.

    Tina – I told the actors about you. Of course, Wendy was excited. Perhaps too excited!

    The brunette smirks.

    Bette – Strictly professional!

    Tina – That’s the way I like!

    She grins. Bette smiles charmingly.  

    She has a photogenic smile, the blonde thinks. A moment passes.

    Tina – Uh …why don’t we go to the patio and I’ll gather the horses and actors?

    Bette – OK.

    They leave.


    Western Skies Ranch, morning: Bette is teaching Wendy and Mario how to handle horses. They often mount and dismount with her help. The actress is all smiles.

    Wendy – I’m so glad you are the instructor! I was wondering what happened to you!

    The brunette smiles back.

    Bette – I’ve been busy.

    As the session progresses, the redhead asks for more and more attention from the rancher. She does not miss an opportunity to touch and be touched by her instructor.

    Tina watches them from a short distance. It is so obvious what Wendy is doing, she thinks. And the cowgirl seems all too happy to oblige to her demands. She sighs with frustration. So much for being strictly professional …

    Leaving the house, Kit rushes to the producer in shock.

    Kit – How did this happen?!

    Tina – Hey, Kit! Bette is helping the actors get more familiar with horses.

    Kit – How did you get her to agree?!

    The blonde smiles with pride.

    Tina – Magic!

    The ranch owner laughs.

    Kit – You are a sorceress, Miss Tina!

    She gazes at the producer with a grin. The blonde does not realize how quickly she wrapped stubborn baby sis around her little finger.


    Western Skies Ranch, morning: Wendy continues to demand Bette’s attention, often interrupting the brunette while she helps Mario. Tina approaches the two women.

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    1. Tina has awoken in Bettes bed and you leave us hanging? ughhhhhh lol but thats something to look forward too. Enjoyed their interactions in this cahpter. Tina is definetely curious. Please Post Soon

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