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    She came to slowly … drifting between a tired, dense sleep and some awareness of being in a bed. Her body was covered in sweat. Her eyes still shut, she could hear the faint noise of a shower running. Who was taking a shower? She didn’t dare open her eyes. She couldn’t, even if she wanted, for her eyelids were so heavy … as if she was paralyzed … or drunk. Loss was all she could feel. Loss and pain. Pain and loss. It had become her fate. Her rollercoaster of a life.

    She lost.  She lost so much. She lost her wife, the love of her life. She lost her sister. She lost her family. She lost her election. Bette Porter lost it all. And she was left with … nothing. Nothing but pity for herself. Nothing but a bed in a dark room. Where was she?

    With effort, she forced herself to open her eyes. Dark. The room was still dark … but she could distinguish a few shapes. She was in a bed, on the left side of a king size bed. She turned to the right.  It was empty but for a pillow. Someone had been there … the right portion of the down comforter that also covered her was tossed to the side.  Who? Maybe the same person who was taking that shower. A stranger. She touched the pillow. It didn’t matter. The only person who mattered was not there. She lost her. She lost it all.

    She brought her right hand to her head. It was spinning. She realized that she had a headache. Not just her head, her body ached … and her lips were dry. Water … water dripping in that shower. She needed water … Thirst was yet another realization she had.

    The shower ended and the room went silent. Silent and dark. But the silence was loud … for she could now hear the noises within her head. She could hear her head pounding … her own blood running … boiling … and the noise was deafening. It didn’t matter. Whatever she was feeling, she deserved it. The nightmare that her life had become was a tragedy of her own making.

    The bathroom door opened and bright sunlight invaded the room, invaded her eyes, blinding her. She could distinguish the shape of a woman wrapped in a towel crossing the door into the bedroom. Who was she? Jesus, she didn’t want to know! And she shut her eyes again.

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    1. Hi dbff,

      Happy New Year 🥂

      What a sweet Tibette story!!!

      I saw two episodes too and my poor Tibette 💔 just broke in million pieces after watching it. My hope is that at the end it would be just all a nightmare, just like in this story.

      Gen Q makes me sad, angry and most of all i am so disapointed how they have written off the old members of the L Word.

      I am really happy that you and other authors keep Tibette alive in our hearts, mind and on this site!

      Thank you!

      • I’m also very disappointed, Bibi28, and got even more so when I read an interview with Marja Lewis-Ryan and got a distinct impression that the new characters are her main interest. That’s when I decided to create my own story. Thanks for being a faithful reader!

    2. dbff, what a beautiful story! I love your ten…. no eight years later version of Gen Q. It’s like the Dallas-version of T + B. Just like Bobby Ewing standing in the shower and not being dead (for those you all who might remember the tv show ;-) )

      Great how you created Bette’s nightmares out of the events that obviously went on in Bette’s life in 2016. Loved the conversation of Tina and the delirious Bette.

      Thanks for posting this little gem! Fuel for my Tibette heart.

      Happy New Year

      • Oh yes, I do remember Dallas, kiwipit! When you make a mess out of a story, that’s the only way out! :D It was clear to me that Bette would be devastated with the 2016 election results.
        Thanks for reading! I always appreciate your comments.

    3. Thank you so much for posting this great Story of how it should be.

      Not able to watch the new Show here in the UK just picking up bits from Social Media so happy that yours is the true version of Tibette’s future.

      A Happy New Year keep writing your Stories and I’ll keep reading:-)

    4. This is what I want episode 8 to be of Season 1 of TLW-GQ……this is a dream come true for me….I have watched the critics reviews only, but from what I can tell is a complete alternate universe.

      I love your story…. perhaps this could be episode 1 of season 2!

      Even if Laurel Holloman would not come back, recast the role and keep the character in. Tina is so necessary for Bette. In the words of Kit Porter, without Tina, Bette is just a puddy-chasing-dog.

      Thank you for this lovely, wonderful….(remnants of Dallas’s Bobby Ewing) story. Perfect in every respect.


      • You always have interesting comments, Martha. You know, I think that recasting the role beats the current state of Bette Porter’s life. My wish would be for Bette to just make guest appearances on GenQ, while Tina was away on a set somewhere. GenQ is about the new characters. We don’t need to revisit Bette’s failures. Why they felt the need to destroy this character’s emotional growth, I will never understand. And to see how Jennifer Beals recognizes that Bette hasn’t learned anything and calls her a “hot mess”, and not in a good way … says it all!

    5. Happy New Year and Thank you for the great story!

      I’m agree with Martha3128 – i wish something like that we will have in GQ – but i doubt that their writers have enough imagination for it.
      However it’s interesting that even in her nightmare Bette lost election. For me, Bette who runs for mayor with her history (cheating, sleeping with her student, kidnapping own daughter) it’s second biggest nonsense in GQ, along with Kit who died there from heroin overdose. First biggest nonsense there it’s always be Tibette break up and the how the writers handled it.

      • I’m with you on this election plot, Zhenya! And I have no idea what is going to happen, since I’m not watching. Maybe they plan to create a “West Wing” style series to give Bette Porter some power. As for Kit, that was cruel, almost as much as Dana’s death. I’m glad that I gave her a beautiful future in my previous story!
        I have to thank you for mentioning Marja Lewis-Ryan’s interview. It was after reading it that I decided to create this story. I think it was telling and concerning on many levels. I may be totally wrong but I felt Ilene Chaiken vibes from her, in that she identifies with all the new characters … all of them have something of her, she said. A little egocentric, no? She is the executive producer and the main creator, just like Ilene. When all the new characters are this personal to one writer with so much power, things can’t go too well.

        • Yes, i dislike very much this interveiw. It was cruel as towards Tibette’s fans (her explanation about why they split up them it’s just absolutely nonsense – “they need to grow up and see who are they” – wtf?), as raсistic (not latina actress can’t play latina character).
          And the ratings Gen. Q. already show that situation for them not that good how this new showrunner tried to describe.

    6. I was smiling and my heart was nearly bursting with happiness reading your beautiful story. You can run rings around TLWGQ writers. This is the Tibette story I wanted to watch in the show. Thanks for keeping our Tibette happy and writing your lovely stories.

      • Thank you, Jordan Springs! I didn’t get a sense that the new writers were excited about the TLW OGs, so I decided to write my own story. :D It’s interesting that, in the past, lesbian stories/plots would never have happy endings and we see lesbian writers in 2019 who continue to promote this myth. Maybe because nobody in Hollywood seems to find long term happiness, but I believe that these writers need to get out of their LA bubble and write with a greater interest in mind. Let’s hope that they turn around!

    7. Happy New Year, dbff, and thanks a lot for this New Year’s Eve treat!:D I started writing this immediately after I read your post yesterday but I got sidetracked. Anyway, I was wondering what inspired you to write this episode. Is this an act of defiance to what the producers of the L-Word reboot have done to our favorite couple? I’m glad and grateful though that in this episode, the Porter-Kennards are still together just like in your other lovely stories. I guess this version of TiBette will only live on in fanfic from hereon which is utterly sad but what can we do?

      I only followed The L Word because of Bette + Tina + Angelica. To me, all the other characters and story lines are peripheral to Bette and Tina’s story. So when I first heard about the planned reboot in 2017, I had a feeling that they will recast, kill off or exclude Tina from the story. All three possibilities left me heartbroken because to be honest, I have a soft spot for Tina despite her apparent weakness, inconsistencies and disastrous Seasons 3 and 4 story lines and I utterly love Laurel Holloman regardless of what her detractors say. I can never picture Bette without Tina and vice versa. And in TLW’s last two seasons, the producers went out of their way to bring them back together after all the terrible things they did to one another for 4 seasons. I even quoted a line from “Atonement” in a comment I posted on a message board that reuniting Bette and Tina was Ilene’s “final act of kindness, a stand against oblivion and despair… (Ilene) gave them happiness.”

      So like you and many other TiBette fans, I’m not buying this divorce, Tina-fell-in-love-with-someone-else BS. How did Bette get full custody of Tina’s biological child? It just doesn’t make sense! Laurel’s successful art career gave them a convenient excuse to write off Tina from the reboot. Honestly, I don’t think they even considered or asked her to come back in the first place. Gen Q is clearly designed to appeal to a new audience. I wish it well and hope it will succeed but I’m definitely not interested.

      That’s why I’ll always be grateful for writers like you, dbff, who keep the love story of Bette and Tina alive and even breathe new life into it. I’ve read far better, more nuanced depictions of Tina, Bette and their family and friends, touching, entertaining, witty dialogues and believable, emotionally engaging scenes and story lines from your stories than from many of TLW’s episodes. So a thousand times thank you for your talent, imagination and generous heart, dbff! I hope you’ll stay inspired this year and keep on writing and sharing. I promise to keep on reading and showing you my utmost appreciation.

      Cheers to a better, lovelier, more blessed 2020 for you and your loved ones, dbff! :D
      P.S. Sorry for ranting.

      • Hi mightymouse,

        I was trying to see if there was a jump in viewership since you first read it. :D

        I share many of the feelings you had about TLW. I’m not watching GenQ but have read the comments, and I can’t understand why a writer would destroy the legacy of two iconic characters like B&T. The TLW writers (not to say Ilene Chaiken) had a history of missteps that they later admitted. Maybe we have to accept the fact that they may not have been great writers. Reading Jennifer Beals’ current description of Bette as a “hot mess” and that she hasn’t learned anything made me think that the GenQ writers might not be any better … or maybe they don’t care enough about the OGs.

        Defiance is not the word. I wrote this story a few days ago and was not sure that I would publish it because I don’t know how the season will end. But then I saw the two other posts giving possible explanations for GenQ and I was not ready to accept them as a fan. And I wanted to give Tibetters an escape, the same one I took. That’s the word! :D

    8. Hilarious!!!! First Bette thought Tina was a ghost, then after Tina told her to c’mere into her arms and felt her warm embrace she thought Tee was angel, but latershe just thought of her as “angelghost”!! She didn’t give a flip which one Tina was!!

      Talk about being delirious with fever!!!!

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