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    What If – 14 (B)

    New Port News, VA…..

    Tasha: [with her hands tucked into her front pockets walks into the gym] It was 15 minutes past 7:00 p.m. leaning against the side rail of the bleachers she looks at the score board. The score was 21 to 14, the team was down seven points with two minutes left in the first quarter leaving plenty of time for them to close in on the lead. In the closing minutes she watched as both teams exchanged back to back buckets she couldn’t contain her excitement seeing Anne knocked down a 3 pointer bringing the team within two points. Hoping to come up with a defensive strategy they call a time out. Due, to the break in the game she uses the time to find a seat and does so at the far end of the court.

    Anne: [in the huddle] Don’t count us out yet we’re still in this!

    Teammate #2: Hell yeah!!!

    Jessie: How did you get opened like that?

    Anne: [trying to catch her breath] Easy, I told her I’d lick her if she touched me.

    Jessie: [giving her a high-five] Nice!

    Teammate #1: Ewwwww, cooties I would’ve stepped back too!

    Anne: Don’t worry, I wouldn’t put my mouth nowhere near your body!

    Teammate #1: What about slapping my ass? [she playfully sticks out her butt]

    Anne: Too skinny, slapping your ass will sound like a screenshot!

    Jessie: [although she was annoyed with their bickering her last response forced her to smile] Why don’t you two do America a favor get it over with and just sleep together!?

    Teammate #1: Hey, Jess some words of wisdom for you never hold your farts in they travel up your spine into your brain and that’s where shitty ideas come from, get my drift!?

    Jessie: [rolls her eyes at her]

    Teammate #2: After the game you two can argue, fight, and slap each other’s assess all you want but right now we need to focus on winning this—–.

    Teammate #1: [cutting her off] Well, I’ll be damned! [she says before jogging away from the huddle] The rest of the team seeing what grabbed her attention quickly follows behind her]

    Anne: [excitedly] Tash, you made it!

    Tasha: [smiling] I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

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    1. OMG SKUNKPU80, i missed you!!!

      I was so excited when i recieved a notification that you posted a chapter.

      I wish you too a save and enjoyable New Years.

      About the story, it seems that they are all having big trouble in their relationships. It is sad. I worry about Tina and Bette. What Bette said was indeed very hurtfull, but i can understand it. Since her job offer to China, Tina encouraged her to go and was willing to let them be apart for a long time and now she has the opportunity to go to Atlanta. I know she didn’t plan this, but i can see Bette’s point of view. They need to talk and sort this mess up before it totally comes to the point of them moving on and splitt for good.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

      • Heeeeyy Bibi!!!!! Missed you too! I started a new job and don’t have as much free time as I used too but I’m making it a priority to post my story stories sooner, as always thanks for the support and hope you have a safe New Year! 2018!!!!!!!!!

    2. OK SKUNKPU80

      Over the Festive Period I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed, all 16 Posts of this great Story.

      I am now quite desperate for the next post please as you have left my absolute favourite couple, Bette and Tina, in a bad place. So could we perhaps have a New Year gift of another post from you, please.

      Love the way you write these Characters, you have me crying with laughter one minute and sadness a few pages later.
      Thank you for your writing,

      I wish you and yours a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year,

    3. Hi Skunk:

      Very interesting chapter, apparently, Lara is breaking with Dana, and this one has to deal with her feelings.
      I don’t know where Alice feelings are.
      Bette really screwed up hard, well I hope the reconciliation would be as intense as the fight
      OMG, the Wicked Witch of the West (Jenny) is back, I hope she’ll fall in the piranha’s nest.
      Thanks for this wonderful chapter, pps


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