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    What If – 14 (A)

    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)…..

    Shaking harder than a Shakira video Bette nervously awaited for Tina’s arrival. Since her departure communication between them had been minimal to say the least. Although, she had been gone for a few days for Bette it felt like a lifetime. During their fight regrettably she said things she wish she could take back, but like her father used to say you can’t take back a bullet once it’s been fired from a gun. It took every ounce of self-control not to discuss the matter over the phone, but deep down she knew it was a discussion that needed to occur face-to-face. The night of the sleepover she should have been nominated for an Oscar for how well she reacted to Tinas, “We need to talk” text. We need to talk, a.k.a “Oh shit I’ve gone and fucked up now!” Those four words had the power to make you remember every single bad thing you ever did in your life. Considering they were already fighting she was left to assume the worse internally she was a nervous wreck.

    In anticipation for her arrival she took the day off and cleaned the house from top to bottom, bought the ingredients to make her favorite meal, and most importantly made sure the wine was fully stocked as she was certain they both would need plenty of it. As thoughts continued to race wildly in her mind she was somewhat relieved for the distraction taking place a few seats in front of her. With their backs turned a couple appeared to be auditioning for the porno version of the movie “Good Will Hunting” Good Will Dry-Humping. Touching, grabbing, kissing, moaning, and the dirty talk appeared to be all indications they were picking up where ever they left off. Many people disgusted by their display of affection shook their head in shame or simply got up and looked for another seat elsewhere. As she continued to stare she couldn’t help but smile, whoever they were reminded her of she and Tina when they first met. She was the gravy and Tina was the biscuit she slopped her down every chance she could get! Completely caught up in the free peep show before her she was oblivious to the young TSA guy standing in front of her.

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    1. Hi Skunk:

      Very nice chapter, poor Bette, opening her mouth before using her brain, not a good thing to do.
      Tasha has many possibilities, but she wants to make things work with Alice.
      Wow, Dana was caught with her hands in the cookie jar; she and Alice are at a crossroad let’s see where they’ll go.
      Thanks so much for this nice and funny chapter, I’ll read the update.


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