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    What If – Chapter 15

    Bettes Office…..

    Bette: [tugging at her dress slacks] SHIT! Did I gain 20 pounds over night!?

    James: [knocking on her door] Hey, are you ready!?

    Bette: Uh yeah! Just a sec—–SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! [she yells in frustration]

    James: What’s going on!?

    Bette: The button on my pants just popped off and bounced off my forehead!

    James: I warned you not to eat those last two M&M’s!

    Bette: And I warned you about getting back together with Peter Pan!

    James: Pam! For the last time her name is Pam! Why do you call her Peter Pan anyway!?

    Bette: [now sitting down squeezes her foot into one of her high heels] Because she Neverlands.

    James: [in a sarcastic tone] Cute, real cute.

    Bette: [proudly smiling] Thanks, I’d thought you’d like that one.

    James: Now, hurry up I can’t stall for much longer I don’t think Mr. Zao likes me!

    Bette: James, you’re over exaggerating!

    James: No, I’m not!

    Bette: [standing in front of the mirror behind her couch gives herself one last glance over] Well, then how do you know?

    James: Because he looked me in the face and said, “I don’t like you.”

    Bette: [walking towards the door]

    James: [through clinched teeth] Bette!

    Bette: [finally opening the door] Well, how do I look?

    James: [sequencing up his nose in disgust] Like, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

    Bette: Your mother. [she says walking past him]

    James: [slightly running cuts in front of her forcing her to stop]

    Bette: James, what are you doing!? I’m already late!

    James: I wouldn’t be a friend [he says before leaning over and removing something from her hair] if I’d allow you to go out there with two gummi bears stuck in this lion mane you call hair now would I!

    Bette: Am I good to go?

    James: [sighs] It’ll do.

    Bette: Here goes nothing. [she says before walking off then disappearing around the corner]

    James: Good luck. [he says before returning back to his desk]

    Bette: Mr. Zao, my apologies sorry to keep you waiting.

    Mr. Zao: Mrs. Porter, finally you grant me an audience if I didn’t know any better I could easily assume you forgotten about our scheduled visit today.

    Bette: Not at all, Mr. Zao I received a last-minute phone call from potential art buyers in London and it ran slightly over, again sorry for the delay. [she says lying through her teeth]

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    1. Hi Skunk:

      Thanks for this really funny chapter. I hope things will get better for Bette and Tina, and they could patch up their relationship.

      I have my doubts about Alice and Tasha and Lara and Dana.

      If Jenny was going to be at Shane’s party there will be hell to pay. Lol.

      Waiting for the next chapter


    2. Hi SKUNKPU80,

      That was a very funny update, i loved the conversation between Tina & Kit, hilarious 🤣

      I really hope that Bette &Tina are finally going to talk and solve their problems, their marriage is at stake and as a true Tibetter i am worried. Bette filing a missing person report was funny.

      I hope the other couples are going to talk and sort out their relationships, but i don’t see a future between Alice & Tasha and Lara & Dana. But maybe you will surprise us.

      Thank you for the update! I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi!!!! Thanks for reading as always and the support. I have no idea what’s going to happen either writing the conversation for Kit and Tina was fun again thanks for following the story!

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