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    When You Least Expect it – Chapter 17

    Bette gathered around her friends in a corner of the living room, laughing with the women who were so close to her heart. Angelica’s first birthday party was well underway, everyone present except for one man in particular who promised he’d be there. Well, him and the guest of honor of course.

    “She’s still sleeping” Tina said as she made her way into the living room and over to the group. “At this rate, she’s going to sleep through her entire party”

    “Well, I guess it won’t be a total loss” Alice said as she stirred the ice in her drink, “I’m sure you two more than enjoyed her day for her”

    Bette nearly spit out her drink with a laugh, “What?”

    Tina pressed her lips together, a flush creeping up her neck as the rest of the group looked at Alice with both amusement and disbelief. As long as they all knew her, she was still able to surprise them with the things that flew out of her mouth.

    “What? That was totally appropriate” Alice defended, her arms out as she shrugged innocently. She laughed when she continued to receive the same looks, “Come on, you all saw the way Bette answered the door. Her makeup was all over the place”

    “Hey Tina, what did you put on top of the pigs in a blanket?” Shane asked as she examined the piece of food in her hands, wanting to save her friends the embarrassment of dealing with her blunt friend. “It’s really good”

    “I melted some butter and stirred in some garlic then just kinda brushed it on top of each one”

    “Wow, amazing”

    Alice watched as her friends suddenly became engaged in a seemingly interesting conversation about food, a wide smile spreading across her face. She knew what they were doing and had no plans to let up.

    “So no one is going to acknowledge the fact that Bette and Tina were playing hide the taco literally minutes before we got here”

    “Hide the taco?” Bette laughed out loud as Tina just stared at Alice, her mouth open in a smile.

    “Oh no, I can’t listen to this” Kit laughed as she covered her ears, “I don’t want to hear about my baby sis or her taco”

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    1. Thank you for the great chapter!

      Kevin annoying me, can we get rid from him already? Don’t trust him, and i think he wants Tina more, than be Angie father.
      And Angie – what a smart girl, i would prefer hugging Bette than Kevin too)

    2. Let’s not refer to Kevin as Angie’s father.. Sperm donor would be more appropriate.. Tina should restructure the divorce settlement. Instead of joint custody he just should get supervised visitation rights. He never paid child support anyway.

    3. This story makes me so happy!

      Lets get rid of Kevin, he is a selfish asshole and doesn’t care about Angie. He only cares about himself.

      Tina should restructure the divorce settlement. I agree with Jane on that.

      Only three chapters left 😯?!

      Looking forward to them!

    4. Bless your heart, glad you are feeling better!
      Enjoyed this chapter too. Kevin is a trip, I knew he was going to be MESSY AS HELL with his jealousy and resentment of Bette. Losing Tina was on him, he LOST her and now he wants her back. BOY BYE…ain’t nobody got time for Kevin!!!!

      Kevin, dude your FOCUS should be on Angie and trying to connect with her…if that is your REAL INTENTIONS. Go take care of your Mama and keep it moving. :)

      Great moment for them as a lil family when Angie had her first steps, how cute!

      Take care, we look forward to the your updates.

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