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    When You Least Expect it – Chapter 18

    Tina gathered the papers spread out in front of her, putting them inside a folder before packing it into her bag. Her meeting had ran a little longer than planned but Tina found she still couldn’t complain. She couldn’t remember the last time she had finished with her day so early, excitement filling her at the thought of spending the rest of the day with Angie.

    With her latest movie nearing the end of production, Tina had been busy more than ever. She missed both her daughter and girlfriend dearly, her late hours interfering with her quality time at home. Tina smiled at the thought of surprising Bette at work with Angie, her excitement growing by the second.

    A beep on the phone at the center of the conference desk pulled Tina out of her reverie, instantly filling her with dread. She had hoped there wasn’t any last minute crisis threatening to steal her time with her girls, briefly entertaining the thought of ignoring the page.

    Opting to do the opposite, Tina cleared her throat and pressed the button for the intercom. “What’s up, Karen?”

    There’s someone for you at the front. He says it’s urgent.

    Tina inwardly groaned as irritation immediately soured her good mood. Determined to enjoy her well deserved day, she pressed the intercom button with a little more force than intended. “Can you see if he can wait until tomorrow? Schedule an early morning meeting. I’m late to pick up Angie”

    She waited several moments for a reply but none came, filling Tina with relief with the fact that her assistant must have managed to schedule a meeting with whoever wanted to speak to her.

    She quickly gathered the rest of their things before someone else had the opportunity to interrupt. There were only so many times she could talk her way out of staying at work.

    A pair of knuckles lightly tapped on the open conference room door and Tina wanted to curse. She looked up just as her assistant jumped in front of the man who had knocked.

    “Tina, I’m so sorry. I told him you were in a meeting and he just ran passed”

    Tina sighed with annoyance, not at her assistant but at the man beside her. “It’s okay, Karen. I’ll take it from here”

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    1. Hi Liah,

      Sorry to read that you were sick, i hope you recover soon, your health is more important, so take good care of your self.

      About the chapter, Kevin is a nasty piece of ass.

      I don’t understand why Tina didn’t tell the truth who was at the door.

      Happy to see them in love.

    2. Hi! Thanks for the chapter and i hope soon you will be feeling better!

      I understand why Tina tried be friends with Kevin, but i think she need to stop be so naive about him. She alredy understand it, after his drunk appearance, but maybe it’s too late – he’s already made his plans about Angelica.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Thanks for the post. Sorry you’ve not been well. Please look after yourself.

      I really do not like. Kevin and wish. Tina would wise up to him and stop being so ‘nice’.

      Look forward to your next post.


    4. That DAMN KEVIN…I knew he was gonna be trouble!
      So glad Tina got wise to his lil game to win her back. After ABANDONING Tina and Angie and having NO RELATIONSHIP with his child, I can’t see a Court giving him any rights…he would have to have supervise visitation at best.

      I love the way Tina Reassured Bette that she is her ONE AND ONLY!!!

      Great birthday dinner with the Bracelet and the understanding that a proposal is coming one day…cute! I wished she would have told Bette about Kevin showing up drunk and looking to reconcile, but I understand NOT wanting to ruin their time together after a tough couple of weeks. I know Bette is gonna lose it when she finds out what Kevin is up to. She is very protective of Tina and Angie!

      Glad you are feeling better, I had bronchitis in December it is hard on the body…the coughing alone make you so tired and sore. Take care and take all your antibiotics!

      Look forward to the next update.

    5. Ugh. Kevin is grinding my gears lol! I wish he’d just disappear and let Bette take over as the second parent role officially. Seems as if she has anyway. Ohhhh and I hope that’s a foreshadowing of a soon-to-be proposal! Love your stories. :)

    6. Hi..sorry to hear about your trouble with your health..wish you could feel better soon..

      I first read your story “come over” and That one story is enough to make me want to read all of ur stories, and finally finished reading all of it.. :)
      You are a wonderful writer and i love all of ur work..
      Any chance u would make a sequel out of “as good as it gets” and continue with “never say never”? I am curious what kind of life does Tibette have with Tina become a famous singer and bette as a famous producer in as good as it gets or how Tina could finally fall in love with bette in never say never…i have to say from all of Tibette’s stories that i’ve read only in never say never Tina and Alice was sister.. and it’s quit refreshing..:D
      Keep up the good work and stay healthy..

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